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I’ve been away from the computer for a while. What? You didn’t notice? Well I missed you and that’s enough.

Husby and I took a little jaunt to the ever-lovely Door County, Wisconsin. I had a show in Ellison Bay (Olde Ellison Bay Days Craft Fair) where we spent a couple of days meeting and greeting customers and fellow vendors. The weather was perfect.

We spent another few days lolling about the peninsula. Husby and I have an affinity for large bodies of water and we have become quite attached to Lake Michigan ~ the Door County peninsula to be precise.

I’ll be posting a little more about our trip, but for now I’m offering a little entertainment. Whenever I’m by the lake this song invariably sneaks into my mind and sticks there for a while. I love it, and although I wasn’t on an island per se, watching the water with this song playing through my head is quite an experience. I hope you enjoy it no matter where you are.

**Caution, Charlotte. It’s “that” song.**

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