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Dive Night ~ Neumann’s

Ruthie and Ray outdid themselves this time.  (I think I say that every time they pick the restaurant.)  They took Husby and me to the most interesting place – Neumann’s,  located in North St. Paul, Minnesota.

As out of it as I am, I had no idea this is the oldest bar with the oldest fixtures in the State of Minnesota.  I know it’s true because the sign said so.
It has been a hard couple of months for all of us.  The trials of getting older were getting the better of us and a night out was just what we needed.  Ruthie and I were much more verbose in this opinion, but I could tell Ray and Husby were happy to let loose too.  Because we were so grateful to be out, and even more grateful to be in a place that caters to people our own age (albeit much more biker-type – I was embarrassed to be wearing a cheery yellow sweater among all that leather), the food wasn’t a big priority, for me at least.
Ruthie and I had the seafood special which was a fish filet, a few shrimp, and a crab cake, served with french fries.  I’ll have to admit, the seafood all came from a box, but I love that stuff.  Plus, it was fried in a frier and not baked in the oven, which makes it that much better.  The fries were fabulous (if they were from a box I’d love to know what brand they use) and we shared them with our husbands.  They ordered gyros, which didn’t come with any sides.  According to Ray and Husby, they were very good.  Of course we got an appetizer too.  Onion rings that were absolutely perfect.

The most fun thing about Neumann’s is the ambiance.  I’m sure its charm could be lost on some, but for us, two couples who had been there done that but not in a long time, it was very refreshing.

Not only is it quaint, it has marvelous fixtures.  Well, the oldest of any bar in Minnesota, as the sign said.


Look at that copper ceiling!  I don’t know if it’s copper, tin, or what, but I want to believe it’s original to the joint.

Check out that mounted alligator head in the upper right of the photo.  It’s wearing sunglasses and from its jaws hangs a pair of child’s tennies.  My kind of place!

These lovely photos were hanging in the women’s bathroom.

If you’re in the mood to hob nob with with a crowd that’s a little rough around the edges (but sweeter than pie) and be waited on by a waitress with biceps as big as your thigh (but wouldn’t hurt a fly) I would highly recommend Neumann’s Bar.  Fun food, great atmosphere, and interesting crowd.  If you own a motorcycle, even better.  Don’t wear a cheery yellow sweater unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb.

A special thanks to Ray, who provided the pictures in this post.  It had been such a hectic day I forgot to bring my own camera.

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