Wordless Wednesday

Minnesota is the state in which I was born and raised.  I’ve never lived outside of the state and don’t intend to ever leave it.  I’m not a cry baby about the cold and snow in the wintertime and I can survive the heat and humidity of summertime.  Spring and autumn are most glorious here, especially autumn.

But this isn’t a post about the reds, golds and oranges shown across the forests of Minnesota in autumn.  It’s summertime and the colors in my back yard during spring and summer are absolutely glorious when it comes to Husby’s excellent execution of landscaping.  Blooming occurs at different times of the season.

Bridal Wreath Spirea




Sweet Woodruff





Even the herbs have lovely blossoms


But there’s more color to Minnesota summers than flowers, shrubs and herbs.  The weather has a definite color too.  Yes, I said weather.  The color of weather for Minnesota summers is green.  Green means “go!” for severe weather.  Thunderstorms and tornados are a way of life.  Could mean running to the basement for shelter, or going outside for photo ops.


Grey and green in definite layers, from the west…not a sign of peace.


Beautiful, yet threatening.


Green skies send warnings but are so fascinating.

And then comes the storm.  But weather is as fickle as a gigolo.  It looks beautiful, it could turn dangerous.  It spreads it’s fury here and there, hither and thither.  One part of our area had to call out the snow plows to rid the streets of the hail that fell.  Our deck…not such a big deal, but still was a weather thing.

So, so green, and pouring little pellets of ice in the middle of summertime. Nature is awesome.

Blue skies, blooms of white, red, purple and pink shining in the summer sunlight.  Then comes the green.  Green skies that pour all sorts of havoc.  It’s all about colors this time of year, and they’re all glorious.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Fifty Years

I spent a total of thirty-six years and eight months at my day job when I decided I’d had enough.  It had nothing to do with money; if it did I would have stayed another thirty-six years.  But when enough is enough, it’s enough and life goes on the best it can.

There’s someone out there who just celebrated his fiftieth year at the day job.  The difference between him and me is that he’s been doing something he loves.  He’s rich enough to have retired at least two decades ago so money has nothing to do with his decision to keep going.  He’s got a passion for what he does, and his passion has been a part of my life since the summer of 1970.

I was playing in the yard with the transistor radio singing beside me.  A song came on which brought me to tears.  It was the first song I ever cried to. I was nine years old.  The song was Holly Holy.  I reminded me of art class with Miss Magnuson where she’d play music while we created.

Neil Diamond has been touring the United States this year since April and forges on through July and will continue on to Europe in honor of fifty years in the music business.  Charlotte invited me to spend an evening with Neil at the Excel Center in St. Paul, MN.  It was absolutely fabulous.  Neil’s voice is as strong as ever at the age of seventy-six and he’s still got some sexy moves to boot.  Sexy at seventy-six?  Oh yeah.  Plus he’s got some cute facial hair going on now.

Neil filled the arena.  Some of the thrill of being at the concert was being there with thousands of people who love him and his music as much as I do.

Pre show. So, so many people. You’d think Brother Love was in town.

I wonder what it’s like to be adored by thousands, nay, millions.  To create works that touch people’s souls.  To perform those works and have the cheers filling your ears.

Who knows, maybe this is old hat for Neil Diamond.  Does he have expectations regarding concert and recording sales?  Does he get disappointed if he doesn’t meet his own expectations?  Does he get tired of his “customers” as I did after a mere thirty-six years in public service?  What’s he after?  Adoration?  Money?  Fulfilling a dream?

In the spotlight backed up by a loyal band. How could this ever feel “normal?”

You hear all the time about how you should live your dreams and pursue your passions.  I don’t know if passions are on a scale (motherhood?  international fame?) or if most of us don’t even actualize our dreams.  Seems to me most of us are just getting along and feeding off the wonderment of exceptional art, music, and literature of others.  Most of us have regular lives, but there’s a little part of me who wants to know how it feels to have scores of people admire my accomplishments.

Alas, I’ve not felt millions feeling my passions, but my fans remain true.  I’m spending time doing what I like, maybe even love, and I feel joy for the kudos I get for doing what I do.  I’m satisfied, but still wonder what it would be like to be so talented, so likeable, so admired as to bring tears to others, to inspire others to exclaim in cheers with what I’ve done.

Encore with the spotlights on the fans on their feet singing along with the music they grew up with.

Neil Diamond, you’ve been in my life for over forty years.  I turn to you to return to my past, to gain solace in the present, and to remind me how I have to express myself and spew out what make me me.  Thanks for the many decades of enjoyment and inspiration you’ve given me and millions of others.  You’ve made a huge difference in the world.


Wordless Wednesday

Last week was a week constructed to point out all of my failings, all of my insecurities, and all of the strength I could muster to get things done, which strength I might add, was mighty and brave.  I rocked last week despite the challenges…I think.  I did the best I could, and who could ask any more than that?

Here’s the thing.  I’ve been working online for a long time.  My Etsy shop works, my blog is out in the blogosphere, there’s an e-mail address with my name on it, and I’m on Facebook and Twitter.  For an oldster like me that’s pretty impressive.

Being online requires one challenge for me – the machine that can get me there.  Cell phones and personal computers freak me out because there’s always an upgrade, an improvement, a new version.

I’m not one of those people who grabs the first new piece of equipment available.  I don’t stand in line to get the newest smart phone, nor do I decide to upgrade my PC (Windows 20578?)  to every upgrade available.

My shameful secret…until last week I was running on Windows Vista.

It worked for me, for a very long time.  Vista is laughable now.  It’s like having a TV with a picture tube.  OK, fine, I still have a TV with a picture tube.  Seriously, I do.  I also don’t own a microwave oven, so call me Amish.

The thing is, Microsoft Vista started letting me down, what with it being unsupported and all, so I decided to bite the bullet and go computer shopping.  For anyone who doesn’t know, shopping gives me great mental anxiety, which causes incredible physical ramifications especially if I’m not completely informed on the product I’m buying.  Plus, I hate doing research so my being informed is usually not a thing.  Add this to the equation – my mom has Microsoft XP, also unsupported.  We’re both living with machines that are completely useless.

Off we go, me and Mom, to the computer store.  Inspired by the bravery and eagerness of my mom, we both invested in a new laptop in short order.

By now I’ve spent some time with my new friend, the amazingly fast and up-to-date computer.  There’s still a lot to learn having been so out of touch for so long, but I’m satisfied.  More than satisfied.  I’ll use this laptop with Windows 10 until it dies, just like I did with Vista, and then venture onto another computer around the year 2030.


Now that Mom and I have our new computers we’re all set to go, minus a little learning curve.  Charlotte went through the process mere months ago so she can guide us if necessary.  Printers, wireless accessories, service providers, security providers, new and different screens to navigate…lots of things to reconcile.  I’ll never be up to date with technology, which is kind of a good thing because that tells me I’m aging at a much slower pace than technology, considering technology grows exponentially.

I totally don’t want to grow exponentially.

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