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Hello everyone!

It’s that time of year when everyone is bustling around, getting ready for whatever holiday they celebrate this time of year.  A week ago (for those in the U.S.) it was Thanksgiving.  Now it’s Christmas.  And those are just the events in my personal life.  Being a business woman I also need to provide for others who are looking for gifts during this time of year.  Apparently Auntie B’s products are in high demand.

So, there’s baking cookies, tidying up the house, pouring candles, decorating the house, making drink charms, cutting a Christmas tree, making magnets, trimming a Christmas tree, shoveling snow, updating the Etsy shop, planning holiday cheer menus, do the laundry, stocking retail shops…  The list goes on and on.

One of the things I’ve procrastinated on for way too long is blogging.  Today I’m going to post come hell or high water, good post or bad.

The thing is, when I procrastinate on one thing I accomplish another, which can’t really be called procrastination, can it?  I mean, I’m productive at least, or merely…prioritizing?  Yes!  That’s it.  I’m the master of prioritizing.  I call that Productive Procrastination.

But I put the “pro” in procrastination.

There’s some light, fluffy snow falling as I write this, and my spirits are high.  I feel motivated, although I know I’ll procrastinate on something(s).  What doesn’t get done, won’t, because something else will be done in its place.  Productive Procrastination.  At that, I’m The Pro.  For any “pro tips” on how to procrastinate effectively, you can contact me.

Please forgive the lack of photos in this post.  I know the internet is supposed to be all about eye candy, but I’m procrastinating with taking photos and/or digging them out of my archives.  And I ask you, do you seriously need picture books/blogs at your age?

Please forgive me for that last sentence if it offends you.  If pictures and photos are a requirement for your bloggy reading, put mine off for a while (i.e. procrastinate on it).  Many photos to come, if I get around to it.

If you want to find any of Auntie B’s products for some holiday gift-giving you can find them here:

The Farmer’s Daughter – White Bear Lake, MN

artZ Gallery – Amery, WI

Auntie B’s Wax – Etsy


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It’s November now, but the Halloween spirit is still with me.  Maybe not the “Halloween” spirit, per se (trick or treat), but the lingering sense of the spirits, the other-worldly…they linger, and remind me of what I saw on my last visit to Door County, WI.

Husby and I took a jaunt to Door County again, which is, of course, something we love to do at least once a year.  The countryside is lovely, the sea air (sans salt) is invigorating, the local food and wines are delectable no matter what the season.  However, I was a little bit creeped out when we arrived at our usual motel.  It was a scene from some Hitchcock movie.

Turkey Vultures.  At least that’s what Husby and I determined them to be.  The photo shows just a smattering of them.  Seriously, I was afraid to go out and take a picture from many yards away.  They ruled the pier and shore.  There was no way we could go out and sit on those benches to take in Lake Michigan as we normally do.  I warned Husby, “if we go out there they’ll peck our eyes out!”

At some point during our stay the vultures weren’t inhabiting the pier, so we walked out.  I, the one who points out all things creepy, noticed something we’d never noticed before.  Lots and lots of bones.  This one was laying there, right on the pier.  A miniature femur bone?  Like from a leprechaun or fairy?  Obviously it was picked clean.  And creepy.

With further investigation, as the vultures were fewer but still circling, we found more evidence of evil.


Bones everywhere!  Picked clean.  Creatures washed ashore, left to die, only to be culinary fodder for some other species.

Ah, it’s the circle of life, right?  Within two days of our stay the vultures had vanished, having gotten their fill, and Husby and I could venture out to the pier without the risk of getting our eyes pecked out.

It was creepy to me, and that’s the word I used when describing the scene to Husby.  He laughed.  He knows I have a love/hate relationship with creepy stuff.

I’m not sure what caused the fish to wash ashore in the first place.  Perhaps it was a natural thing, cyclical?  Perhaps it was a result of human interference?  The vultures got their fill of delicious Lake Michigan fish, and I got my fill of creepy.  I hope the lake is clean, and no matter how much big fish scare me, I want them to thrive in their natural habitat.

And if the fish don’t wash onto the shore I hope the vultures don’t peck my eyes out for lack of food.

Image result for the birds movie eyes pecked out

Photo credit – ack, I don’t know, it was taken from the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds.

Happy belated Halloween.  And always remember, natural phenomenon can be deadly.  And human interference with natural phenomenon can be catastrophic.


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