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Happy All Hallows Eve eve.  Tomorrow the goblins will be out and most of them will be as cute as buttons, at least in my neighborhood.  Oh, there will be the occasional zombie hockey player or dead salesman done up by high school kids who don’t want to put a lot of effort into a costume but still want a pillowcase full of candy – I don’t care and I’ll never tell anyone they’re too old to Trick or Treat.  In fact, I think I might go out next year.  Why not?!

This time of year is when Husby and I roll up our sleeves and dig into the pumpkins.  It’s pretty fun to carve pumpkins, especially as neither of us has any compulsion to make our jack-o-lanterns extravagant.  So we cut off the tops and plunged our hands into the slimy mess of pumpkin guts.

Husby had a plastic bag on the table for slime and a separate container for seeds.  Do you not roast your pumpkin seeds?  You totally should because they’re delicious and nutritious.  Google how to do it – it’s very easy.

By the time we were done we were both laughing at what had become of our creations.  Mine was a simple pattern, looking more like a ghost than a jack-o-lantern.  Husby’s was much more complex, including a protrusion for a nose with drilled nostrils to boot.

Last year I claimed myself to be the Scrooge of Halloween, but I had a blast carving a pumpkin this year and even look forward to greeting the Trick-or-Treaters with enthusiasm.  What’s with that?

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The End Is Near

Oh all right!  (Say that like Suzanne Sugarbaker.)  I know I haven’t posted much these past few weeks and I’ve been questioned about it incessantly.  What’s wrong?  Where are you?  Have you given up blogging?  The answers are nothing, here, and no.

Here’s the deal.  You know how I sometimes talk about the day job?  Well, those days are coming to an end.  I’ve submitted my letter of intent to retire, I’ve completed all of the paper work required with my department in the State of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Retirement System.  I’m turning in paperwork to the parking ramp notifying them I’m cancelling my contract and I’m training in a person to replace me.  It’s happening.  The day job will not be a part of my life for much longer.  My last day will be December 1, 2015.

The thing is, for the first time in my entire career (over thirty-five years) the workload is unbearable.  By the time I’m done with the day job at 3:30 I’m too exhausted to do anything when I get home.  That means I haven’t been blogging, I haven’t been crafting, I haven’t even been keeping up with my housework.

But here’s the fun part.  On my sidebar I’ll have a countdown to my retirement date.  Also, November just happens to be NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) which challenges bloggers to submit one post per day during the month of November.  I’m going to try to write one blog post ever day during the countdown of my retirement.  They may not be interesting posts, but I’ll try to document what’s going on with me during the entire month of November, in addition to posting some other goodies that may have nothing to do with my retirement.

During my retirement years I plan to write a lot more (even novels!) and now is as good a time to start than any.  I hope you’ll root me on during my final days as a civil servant

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Wordless Wednesday

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