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Hello!  Remember me?

I haven’t been blogging much lately as I’ve been busy traveling and spending time with family and friends.  There will be plenty of posts coming up regarding all that, but I wanted to let you all know that the production activity at the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters is also busy.  Yep, I’m churning out the product for in-person and online sales regardless of my vacation time.  That’s how awesome I am.

I’m still making the same wonderful candles of pure beeswax and all-natural palm wax…


100% pure beeswax, solid pillars



Beautifully scented all-natural palm wax


Still making fun magnets for your home, office, locker, anyplace that has metal to stick a fun magnet…

The Drinking Buddies bottle cap magnet set


Sheet magnets with subtle (?) messages


And of course the ever-popular bottle cap drink charms, which will keep your party alive with nostalgia and fun conversation…

Mark your drink with a monster

Treat yourself to these great things, or surprise your friends with an impromptu gift.  These and many other things are available in my Etsy shop.  I’m also going on the road a bit this summer and autumn to meet and greet shoppers in person at top-notch craft/art shows.

There are also lots of new items ready for presentation online, if only I could get up the gumption to photograph them.  Stay tuned for that, as I’ll be showing them here as soon as they’re ready for sale.

Until then I’ll be keeping you updated on the behind-the-scenes action at the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters.  Thanks to everyone who supports and encourages me along the way, be it by sales or cheerleading.  You’re all fab!


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OK, so I’m here tonight thinking I can relax but I totally can’t.  If I sound really chaotic and twirly it’s because I am.  Ack!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the new additions to my blog sidebar.  Check them out.  Right there, to the right of where you’re reading.  I have a cool little slide show of some things I make and sell, and I also added links to the two shops where you can find my wares, as well as to my Etsy shop.  I’ve been at The Farmer’s Daughter for several years with nice success, and I just started a working relationship with Gumball Collective this month.  I’m very excited about selling to a new market and will be interested to see what I can offer in that neighborhood.

With two brick and mortar shops to stock, an Etsy shop to stock and three shows coming up in a mere three weeks I’ve gone completely mad trying to figure out which venue needs what kind of inventory.  I start something and forget about the other thing.  I pick up on that thing and remember I didn’t do something else.

But here’s the thing.  I have some new magnets that I know you’ll love.  OK, maybe you won’t love them.  Maybe you’ll even be offended by them.  I don’t care though, because…it’s art, man.

Take, for example, this insensitive piece:

Seriously? You’re making fun of mental disorders now?

Or hey, how about some swearing?

Wouldn’t you say the same thing?

I know!  I’ve gone completely insane, and plus very confused as to where these magnets should be shown.

I’m going to come clean.  These magnets, no matter how offensive or profane they may be will be offered, eventually, everywhere I show products.  There will be other magnets too, because the possibilities for magnets are limitless.  And right  now I don’t even have links to the magnets shown here (in case you are so insensitive or brash to actually want one) because they’re not even on sale at my Etsy shop just yet.  However, they will be, and soon.  Like, tomorrow.

All of you people shopping online, keep an eye on my Etsy shop for the additions coming in the next couple of weeks.  For those of you shopping in White Bear Lake, MN  check out  The Farmer’s Daughter.  If you’re in Northeast Minneapolis, MN visit  Gumball Collective.

Seriously, no matter how mental I get I’ll make sure these venues have some things you’ll love.

Now, back to your sanely-paced regularly scheduled programming.

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Do you remember the circus parades?  Me neither.  They haven’t been around for a while, but I bet they were pretty spectacular.  When the circus was in town all the animals, clowns and performers would sashay down the streets enticing the town’s people to come to the big top for the greatest show on earth.

I thought about the circus parade when I was listing some new items in my Etsy shop.  I don’t have any ringmasters or clowns in the shop right now (hopefully in the future!), but the animals are kind of fun.  Take a look…


This is Eddie.  I love his little Shriner’s hat and dancing eyes. 

This is Dapper Cat.  He’s very serious with his cigar and top hat.

May I introduce Sir Chimp.  He’s got flowers for his date.

Happy Hippo loves to do a soft-shoe.  And those vertical stripes are very slimming.

Meet Butler Piggy.  He’s happy to serve a cocktail any time of day.

How’s that for a circus parade?!  Well, an animal parade at least.  They would all look charming on a refrigerator, don’t you think? 

If you’re in the mood for something a little more surreal or slightly off-color, be sure to check out Walken The Dog and Hollywood Bitches

Come on over and see the dozens of items I have in my shop.  If you didn’t know already, gift-giving season is upon us.  Yay!

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A little while ago I promised to unveil a product right here on my humble blog.  I wanted to test this new product at a couple of live shows before presenting it here.  I’ve done that and got rave reviews…and some confused faces.

These magnets are pretty hysterical if I may say so.  It’s fine if you don’t think so; I’ve heard comments like “I don’t get it,” and “who’s that?”  I’ve also made a few sales and have generated lots of laughs.  With those mixed reviews I present to you (drumroll)…The Walken Series.

There you have it. Did you pee your pants with laughter? Are you scratching your head going “what the…?”

For anyone interested in owning any of these works of quirky magnetic art they are available only at my live shows and right here on this blog for $5 each, plus $2 shipping. (Shipping varies depending on how many you buy.) And here’s a special blog deal for those of you who can’t live with less than all of them ~ if you buy all seven I’ll give you $10 off! That’s seven bizarre Walken magnets for $25, plus $3 shipping.

To order just go to the Sheet Magnets Page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  Be sure to check out all the other fun pulp fiction, sheet music, and words to live by magnets too!

Thanks for bearing with my obession with the weirdness that is Walken, and have a great weekend.

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After an especially aggravating day I sat on my little corner of the couch, wishing for a vacation.  I don’t think I’ll be taking a true vacation any time soon, as craft show season is sneaking up faster that I imagined it would.  With that thought a small smile came to my face.  Craft show season ~ it’s like lots of mini vacations for Husby and me.

I usually get antsy around March and April having been away from the circuit for several months.  This year March and April were occupied with the care and vigil of Husby’s dad so the ants in my pants were kept at bay, my mind on more pressing matters.  Now that the dust has settled and things are returning to normal the eagerness to get out to these en plein air shows and festivals is overwhelming me.  I’m totally ready to get on the road again.

The first show I do is the Chateau St. Croix Winery and Vineyard Fete Des Fleurs ~ a festival celebrating the blooming of the grape vines.  Husby and I have returned to this event for several years as it has become one of our favorite venues.

The winery inspired my grape-themed bottle cap magnets.  They’re available at the show and in my Etsy shop.  Each is charming in its own way and depict delicious wine at its infancy.

Bottle Cap Magnet ~ Grapes

Bottle Cap Magnet ~ Artsy Grapes

Bottle Cap Magnet ~ Juicy Grapes

Bottle Cap Magnet ~ Vintage Grapes

No, I don’t see a typical vacation in my near future, but I sure am looking forward to spending some time meeting festival goers and revisiting old friends.  A working vacation, as it were.  But  like they say, it isn’t work if you love it.  Bring on the shows…I’m ready.

If you’d like to visit some of the great events and festivals on my summer route you can find information on the 2012 Events tab at the top of this page.  The page will be updated as shows are added to my schedule. 

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