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She sat in the plush velvet chair accompanied only by flickering candle light, the ticking of the mantel clock and her imagination.  She read a story written a hundred years ago of unsettled ghosts and the humans they tormented.  The candles cast menacing shadows against the walls which would catch her eye between the lines of the story.  Tick tick tick tick tick said the clock like a metronome.  She could no longer separate herself from the terror of the words she read.  What was that?  Did she hear the cat stalking in the next room or was a spirit nearby to pay her a gruesome visit?  She was so paralyzed with fear she couldn’t bring herself to find out.  Ah, the thrill of a horror story.

Horror Story bottle cap magnet at Auntie B’s Wax

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Wordless Wednesday

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For the last week at the day job there has been some redecorating going on.  With redecorating comes workmen, and not the kind of workmen you’d prefer to see for eight to nine hours a day.

None of the guys look like this.

The bothersome thing was they seemed oblivious to the fact that they were working in occupied space.  They had no qualms about shouting to each other from across the suite.  They took heavy piles of carpet tiles and dropped them to the floor instead of placing them.  They huddled around the glue-drying fan and had conversations at a level that had to exceed the already loud noise of the fan, with no regard to the fact that people like me had to concentrate on our jobs too.  Then there came that point where I just had to leave, as in leave the building ~ I got a straight-on view of a giant plumber’s butt.  All of the noise and chaos distracted me so much I could barely do my job, but I had to draw the line when there was a bad moon on the rise at 1:00 in the afternoon.

So appropriate is a phrase from the early ’80s…gag me with a spoon! 

I really hope today is less cheeky, in all senses of the word.

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Husby and I were at a craft show where we met a bunch of people right away.  There were two couples working together, two guys working together, and one other guy who was hanging out with one of the couples.  I remember the women’s names, Gwen and Kate.  I can’t remember the guys’ names.

The show was set up on a marina and in the adjacent park.  I was amazed that my assigned space was actually on one of the boats in the marina.  So very cool, and nice that I didn’t have to set up a canopy as everything could be set up under the cover of the boat.  Husby and I set up right away and even though the show didn’t start until the next day lots of people were stopping by to see what I had to offer.

At one point I came to an uncomfortable realization.  I took Gwen aside and said, “I’m so embarrassed, but could you tell me what state we’re in?”  I would have asked Husby but he was off swimming.  Gwen looked at me like I was crazy and didn’t even answer me, as if I didn’t deserve to know.  Such a premiere show and she doesn’t even know what state she’s in?

I decided it didn’t matter, but as Husby and I were sitting around with these seven other people we had met I asked again.  “What state are we in?”  One of the men responded “New Orleans.”  I looked at him and clicked my tongue.  “New Orleans isn’t a state, and besides, if I was in New Orleans I’d know, and this isn’t it”  It was at that point I knew these people weren’t going to be my friends if they couldn’t even help me out in my addle-minded condition.

Husby and I went back to the boat slip where my display was set up.  To my horror the entire boat was gone.  Gone!  Gone with all of my products!

At that point I woke up.  I likened this dream to those where you go to school and realize you have no clothes on, or forgot your locker combination.  I never did find out what state we were in, and when I relayed the dream to Husby he said “I think you were in the state of confusion.”  Ha ha.

Am I having craft show anxiety?  Am I having social interaction anxiety?  Am I having house boat anxiety?  I’m not really sure, but I am sure the dream is anxiety-based.

Funny, I don’t feel anxious in my waking state, but maybe I should pay attention to my subconscious.  First order of business is to be sure to know what state I’m in when at a craft show.  Secondly, don’t trust being set up on someone else’s boat.

Here’s to a week devoted to researching shows to do in the 2013 season.

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Wordless Wednesday

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