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Everything Is Blunderful

My life is…completely unremarkable.  Except for the extreme blunders I make.  Blunders that make people wonder if I’ve had a stroke or am suffering some kind of psychosis.

I made one of those colossal blunders this week and I’ve been feeling badly about it for days.  It’s times like this I want to run away and hide.  Out of shame, out of embarrassment, or just to protect myself from committing more blunders.   I need a hiding place.  A private place.

This cottage and piece of property have been all but completely forgotten.  As far as I know it isn’t for sale, but from the looks of the upkeep the owners are there very seldom if ever at all.  It would be the perfect hiding place for me.

My blogging has been suffering lately, along with my self-respect regarding the most recent blunder.  The little cottage with the yellow door and shutters would be a wonderful place to think, reflect, and write.  In fact, this piece of property was pointed out to me as what could be my “perfect blogging retreat.”  I can’t disagree.

Take a closer look at the front window.  The reflection in the front window would be my view as I look up from my writing or my woes.  A beautiful lake and pristine forest surrounding it.

We all know one can’t run away from problems or blunders.  My problems won’t disappear even if I do, and blunders can’t be undone.  But how much easier would it be to erase those things from my mind, even if for a day or two, if I could escape to The Blogging Retreat?

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Let me say this right from the start: I very much dislike what the word community has become.  It’s too touchy-feely for the hermit I am and I rarely find the need to belong to a “community.”  Alternately, I’m a social creature simply due to the nature of my species, so there’s a tiny bit of me that likes and needs to belong to something.

When I started blogging I discovered it was quite satisfying to belong to the many (millions?) people who take to the page and write, despite the fact that I’m unknown and invisible to most of them.  But there are those fabulous people, many whom are bloggers, who actually read my blog, and many magnificent writers and photographers whose blogs I follow.  There’s a connection there and it feels good.  So what can I call this instead of the blogging “community?”

Because the word community rubs me the wrong way I took to my trusty Thesaurus to find a synonym, a word I could use that didn’t make me feel like I was a blind follower or someone less than completely independent physically, mentally, and psychologically.  I am independent in all of those areas, because in case you didn’t know, I’m totally awesome.

I liked the word confederation, but that sounds too Civil War-y.  Then there was clique, but that was just way too uppity.  How about affiliation?  I belong to the blogging affiliation?  That doesn’t sound right.  I decided on collective.  I am a member of the blogging collective.  Yes, that sounds right.

Where am I going with all of this verbiage?  I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by the author of La Audacia de Aquiles, an excellent member of the blogging collective.  It’s a very sparkly award and I accept it with great humility.  It’s these moments I’m happy to be a part of something (a collective) and to be recognized.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  And being part of the blogging collective I’m paying it forward to some bloggy friends of mine, as well as some people whose blogs I read even though they don’t even know I exist.  Because they all deserve it.  Check them out and let me know what you think.  And let them know what you think.

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MaryAnn Opened My Eyes

Today I had lunch with my life-long friend MaryAnn.  She’s been quite the Facebook fiend lately, posting a lot about any number of things.  I told her, as I was stuffing my face with fried rice and princess chicken, you totally should take those Facebook posts and put them on your blog.  

A long time ago I coerced MaryAnn into starting a blog and she liked posting for a while, but then the little bloggy space she created was abandoned without a second thought.

During our lunch MaryAnn told me all about some new challenges she’s undertaking to better her life, her quiet time spent at the A-frame cabin in the woods by the river, and some awesome things her husband can do, like building his own saw mill.  I looked at her with amazement and said, duh, more blog posts!

What? You mean my life is actually interesting enough to blog about?

She looked thoughtful for a while and decided that yes, it would be fun to document some of these things in her life.  Then she told me very pointedly that my blog, too, has been suffering.  She wondered if Dobby was ever given a sock and was quite relieved when she read my last post about the candles I poured last week, which was written nearly a month later.

It’s so much easier to find blog posts in other people’s lives.  My own life seems so ordinary and it’s hard to get motivated about expressing the happenings in writing.  Do I really have to have pictures?  What about my horrific grammar and editing skills?  I lost track of why I blog and therefore it got harder.

I have to blog at my own pace and on my own time. So with that I hope I’m a little easier on myself when it comes to blogging, and MaryAnn, won’t you join me?

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Stir Crazy

My blogging life has pretty much come to a halt.  What’s with that?!  I don’t know if it’s cabin fever or a bona fide mental disorder.

Lord knows the cabin fever thing is valid.  All I do is stay home and go to work.  Go to work and stay home.  I’m pretty much a hermit anyway, but having weather and roads that make staying in a comfort and/or safety issue kind of limits my choices.  Apparently having the option of going somewhere or doing something outside the house or work has a tremendous impact on my mental state, whether I actually take advantage of those options or not.

Having a bona fide mental disorder is also valid, but we won’t get into that.

Truth be told I’ve lost my motivation, or so it feels to me.  Some people might look at my life and think I’m the most productive person in the world.  Some other people (hi, Charlotte) would go insane being as inert as I am.  I’ve slowed down to a crawl when it comes to my housekeeping and business endeavors, but when it comes to blogging?  I’ve stopped dead in my tracks.

I want to write, I want to blog.  I think there’s probably something churning inside as a result of the introverted/extroverted personality concept ~ a conflict of sorts.  I’m generally an introvert, but there’s an obvious extrovert in my life who has made an impact on my writing.  Her actions of late have made me want to clam up and hide the extroverted behavior of blogging.  Hey, I think I just figured it out!

Thing is, there are all sorts of reasons why my blogging has been so sluggish lately.  I want to write.  I want to blog.  I just don’t know what to say.

And so I trudge on…

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Splendid! Elizabeth Rose nominated me for the Reality Blog Award. We both have an affinity for Door County, Wisconsin and for blogging. She’s rediscovering her love for art and has also published an e-book titled Murder In Death’s Door County. Check out her blog at Elizabeth Rose Mysteries.

Along with this award comes a requirement that I answer these five questions. I’ll do my best.

1.  If you could change one thing what would you change?  Daylight savings time.  There would be no such thing.

2.  If you could have just one book on a deserted island what would it be?  The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe.

3.  What is one thing that really scares you?  Being on a frozen lake or river, falling through the ice, and not finding my way out, trapped under the ice.

4.  What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?  I would like to earn a living with something I’ve created.  Earn a living.   That’s a lot of dough.  And yes, I think I’ll be able to complete that dream.  Maybe.  If I live long enough.

5.  If you could meet any TV or movie star who is still alive, who would it be?  Johnny Depp, most definitely.  And he would love me madly.

Thank you, Elizabeth Rose.  I’ll pass on the award once I’m done basking in it.  Wait, that might be never.  It shall be soon, I promise.

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My latest obsession is with writing.  You’d never know it from my blog, but there’s another blog that’s hiding, filled with all sorts of musings and ramblings and even the beginning of an actual story that could eventually become novel-length.  I’ve also been reading a book on writing.  I’m not going to name the title or who wrote it because I don’t have very many nice things to say about it; however, every once in a while I get an insight from something mentioned in the book, so it can’t be completely discredited.

I shared with Charlotte some of my responses to the writing exercises in the book.  She laughed at them.  Don’t feel bad for me, they were supposed to be funny – actually a mockery of the exercises and the book as a whole.  She told me that if I wrote that way all the time I’d be the next Bloggess.  I’m sure she was being overly generous with her compliment, but even so it was high praise.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, by Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) has been my bedtime reading lately.  I just finished her book and I wish it hadn’t ended so soon.  I wonder if she’ll be publishing a second part of her memoirs.  I can see where Charlotte might see similarities between my writing and Jenny’s as we both tend to write really long sentences and often go off on tangents when telling a story, but I’m not nearly as funny or colorful or imaginative as Jenny.

I loved the book and will continue to be a loyal follower of her blog.  If you want to read something totally bizarre and funny, you should get her book.  It was much more to my taste than the book on writing I’ve been reading ~ less sap and sugar and more eccentric and ridiculous. 

I’ll continue with my writing adventures to see where they’ll lead.  I’ll probably never be as famous as The Bloggess, but I may have been inspired to write a little more boldly because of her.

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Yesterday Kathy, author of Lake Superior Spirit, wrote a post that kind of struck a chord with me.  She talks about being a people pleaser and being too sensitive, especially when it comes to blogging. 

There’s something inside every blogger that wants to get some kind of recognition.  Don’t deny it.  We all sneak peeks at our stats and count comments now and again, if not every ten minutes.  Face it, if we didn’t want to get noticed our blogs would be diaries, journals, or to-do lists in a spiral notebook hidden in a locked drawer for no one to see.  We’re on the internet for crying out loud.  In one way or another we want to make a splash (or simply a kerplunk) in cyberspace.

Yet, when we are noticed we are subjected to the criticism of others.  We can’t be too surprised if some of that criticism is negative.  Again, this is the internet.  There is a universe full of people who don’t get what you’re saying, or are chronically contrary, or are just plain crazy with narcissism thinking your blog should be exactly as she/he wants it to be for her own benefit.

Kathy’s post expresses her angst in a light-hearted way regarding the conflicting comments she gets on her blog.  She also recognizes that she can’t please everyone even though every fiber of her being wants to. 

So, in response to the comments she has received: “post more pictures,” “post more writing,” “post more nature,” “post more spiritual,” “post more serious,” “post more funny,” etc., I say to Kathy “I like you, just as you are.”  Be as versatile as you want on your own blog because guess what?  It’s your blog!   With that I present to her The Versatile Blogger Award.


Some of you know this honor was recently bestowed upon me by the lovely Lorna of Lorna’s Voice.  I’m spreading the love to Kathy because she is indeed a versatile blogger. 

Congratulations, Kathy! 

As for the rest of you, check out Kathy’s blog at Lake Superior Spirit.  And don’t expect a rigid format over there ~ versatility is Kathy’s shining virtue!

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