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We had a long, hard winter, and for that reason alone it’s hard to get into the heat these days. I’m not complaining by any means; the warmth feels good after so many months of cold, damp weather. But when there’s a task to be done, a task that requires a lot of exertion, you’re gonna break a sweat these days no matter how scantily clad you are.

I just had such an experience. Sweat was pouring out of my little red face while I put forth the effort it took to complete the task. When I was done I wiped my brow and sat still for a while. It seemed the longer I sat the hotter I got! I’m not sure what that phenomenon is but I can attest to the fact that it’s valid.

As I sat, sweating more and more with each minute of trying to cool down a song came into my head. As it played through my mind I began to feel better, not only cooler but more relaxed. The song is Cool and Green and Shady and it’s sung by John Denver.

John Denver?! you say. Yes. Don’t judge my John Denver loving nerdiness. This song wasn’t a top forty hit but I’d say it’s one of my favorites. I especially love the clarinet solo.

If you’re feeling especially warm or just want to calm down and catch your breath listen to this song. I guarantee you’ll drift away…

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It must have been moonglow, way up in the blue

It must have been moonglow, that led me straight to you

~ Neil Moret & Richard Whiting

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I took advantage of my time today, not just getting stuff done but getting certain stuff done.

When I got off work today at 10:00 a.m. I dove into the laundry.  The bed linens, to be specific.  Why?  Because the sun was shining, there was a slight breeze blowing, and that is the prime time to hang laundry out on the line.

I don’t know a lot of people who hang clothes on the line anymore.  Sure, it might be quicker to dry them in the dryer, but guess what?  They’ll never smell as good as they do when they’re hung on the line.  Also there are certain neighborhoods that don’t even allow clotheslines because it might make for a dastardly appearance.  To those neighborhoods I say, fie on you!  I’d never live in a neighborhood that judged me for saving money, and more importantly the environment, by hanging laundry on the line.

There wasn’t a lot of time to work with.  By 5:00 the rain clouds moved in and we’re due for some rain this weekend.  So my quick work of washing the bed linens paid off because I could hang them and dry them on the line before the rain came.

Sunshine and a spring breeze will make me sleep well tonight.

The neighbor was mowing the lawn while my linens dried on the line. Perfect! Another wonderful aroma penetrating into the fibers.

I can hardly wait to crawl into bed tonight with my fresh bed linens.  The mattress pad is nice and fluffy and the sheet and pillow cases smell like spring, and make the whole bedroom smell fresh and clean.

Fabric softener has nothing on springtime sunshine!

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Tennis Tuesday Is Back

Better than Serena and Venus.

Have I told you? Tennis Tuesday is back in action. Charlotte and I are on the courts and batting that tennis ball around better than ever. Last year we found some courts that are seldom used by others and out of the public eye, for the most part. That isn’t to say our talents aren’t worth seeing. In fact, if tennis scouts were cruising around the Twin Cities of Minnesota and spotted us they’d for sure sign us on as the newest talents to hit the circuit.

Except we’re old. We wouldn’t technically be considered the “newest” talents in tennis – better yet the “undiscovered” talents. We’re so good we make Serena and Venus Williams look like beginners. For we are experienced and we have determination. And one of us even has a new joint, which make our playing more challenging than ever!

A couple of weeks ago some young men came to play in the court next to us. They had the power and placement of youth. But during one of our water breaks Charlotte said something to me that made all the difference in the world. She pointed out that we’re in a minority of women our age who don’t dye our hair. We’re out there volleying like no one’s business with our grey hair shining in the summer sun. She said to me, as we rehydrated and watched those young men playing, “our grey hair (aka our age) give us license to suck.”

It’s nice to have a license to suck, even though I don’t really believe we do. We’re out there , sucking or not. Tennis is a sport for all ages and Charlotte and I are getting our fill of endorphins wherever we can. Because we’re deserving of any neuropeptides we can get our hands on.

Yay us!

What are you doing to get your endorphins these days?

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OK, you’ll all be very happy to know I conquered the technology problem I was having the other day.  I still can’t tell you what the project is, and I can’t take all the credit for solving the problem as Husby and Charlotte helped me with ideas, but there’s nothing better than figuring out something you know nothing about.  I had to figure it out by trial and error too, because by now manufacturers of technology devices assume everyone knows the most basic concepts of technology and those concepts aren’t covered in the instructions.  I believe, however, that I learn and retain things much better with the trial and error method, even though it’s frustrating and takes a long time.

In other news this week I’ve been spending some time in Craftland pouring candles like mad.  I was thinking about the time I put into that project too, which is a lot.  But you know what?  I really like doing it.  I screwed up a beeswax candle yesterday, but that’s the beauty of wax.  Just remelt and pour again!

And then there’s this other thing I have to tell you about.  You know the photo site Flickr?  Every time I get on that site a song comes into my head.  Flickr sounds a lot like Flipper, doesn’t it?  That’s right, the theme song to the ’60s TV show gets into my head the minute I log into Flickr and doesn’t go away.  Like, ever.   Then I get all discombobulated because the song is so…untrue.

They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning*
No one you see, is smarter** than he***
And we know Flipper lives in a world full of wonder**** 

Flying***** there under, under the sea!******

*  A dolphin is not capable of swimming faster than lightening.  I’m just saying.

** I’m pretty sure Einstein was smarter than a fish. (OK, I know dolphins are mammals, but guess what? I bet Flipper doesn’t know that, so I guess even I’m smarter than Flipper.)

*** The dolphin that played Flipper was, in fact, a female.

**** I’m on board with this line.

***** Flipper swims and doesn’t fly. Everyone knows that.

****** When swimming under the water are you in fact under the sea? In the sea I can agree with. But if you were “under” the sea wouldn’t you be in the core of the earth and therefore being burned up by the magma contained therein?

So now, because I’ve incorporated the photo of this post from my Flickr account I’ll be thinking of this song all week.  And now I’m going to make you think of this song for at least a week, because I’m kind of mean and hateful that way.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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