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This month I’m doing a 30-day song challenge following the prompts given by Donna from MyOBT, one of my favorite blogs.  It sounded like so much fun I couldn’t resist.  Feel free to join in on your social media platform, add your picks in the comments below, or simply enjoy (hopefully) the music I’ve chosen.

This song was buried in the dusty archive of my brain until I received the prompt.  John Denver was probably my first musical crush, and the song still takes me away, if only in my imagination.


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We had a long, hard winter, and for that reason alone it’s hard to get into the heat these days. I’m not complaining by any means; the warmth feels good after so many months of cold, damp weather. But when there’s a task to be done, a task that requires a lot of exertion, you’re gonna break a sweat these days no matter how scantily clad you are.

I just had such an experience. Sweat was pouring out of my little red face while I put forth the effort it took to complete the task. When I was done I wiped my brow and sat still for a while. It seemed the longer I sat the hotter I got! I’m not sure what that phenomenon is but I can attest to the fact that it’s valid.

As I sat, sweating more and more with each minute of trying to cool down a song came into my head. As it played through my mind I began to feel better, not only cooler but more relaxed. The song is Cool and Green and Shady and it’s sung by John Denver.

John Denver?! you say. Yes. Don’t judge my John Denver loving nerdiness. This song wasn’t a top forty hit but I’d say it’s one of my favorites. I especially love the clarinet solo.

If you’re feeling especially warm or just want to calm down and catch your breath listen to this song. I guarantee you’ll drift away…

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Back Home Again

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything here, or anywhere else for that matter.  I’ve been on the road for business and pleasure, but now I’m back home and have no excuse for not checking in once in a while.  Except for the fact that I have to catch up on everything I’ve not been doing for the past week and a half.

First of all I want to give a shout out to Lisa and John from Fond du Lac.  I don’t know if they’re peeking in at all, but I sure appreciated them coming up to my booth at the Olde Ellison Bay Days art and craft show and introducing themselves.  It’s so much fun to meet people who read my blog; it makes me feel less invisible in the vastness of cyberspace.  Lisa and John are really fun people and Husby and I were thrilled to make their acquaintance and chat with them for a while.

I’ll be talking about our visit to the Door County peninsula more this week, as well as my experience making actual physical contact with Tony Shalhoub.  I’ll also clue you in on what I did to celebrate our country’s independence and Paenney’s birthday.

For now I have to concentrate on what needs to be done this week.  There will be house cleaning, car washing, restocking product for my next craft show, and of course lots of laundry.  More than anything I’m looking forward to catching up with the blog posts I’ve missed while I was away.

And for a little blast from the past I’m sharing a song with the same title as this post.  I was completely in love with John Denver oh so many years ago.

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We were finally graced with our first snowfall in Minnesota.  I know a lot of people feel like they were cheated out of a proper summer as winter was slow to leave last time around, but I’m once again feeling renewed and refreshed with the drifting flakes.

With this first snowfall I made the obligatory adjustment to our sleeping quarters to accommodate the forthcoming cold temperatures ~ flannel sheets.  And even better than that is the most cozy, warm, fluffy feather bed.  Trust me, when you have a feather bed you’ll have a hard time getting up on those dark, cold, snowy mornings, but the six to eight hours spent cuddled up in flannel sheets on a bedding of soft feathers is worth the agony of leaving it for your day.

As I was making up the winter bed, I couldn’t help but think of a song from my past.  If you’re from my era you’ll definitely remember the artist if not the song itself.  Help yourself to this uber nerdy blast from the past, and if you don’t already have one think about picking up a feather bed for yourself this winter.

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