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Welcome, 2013

Well, Christmas is over.  I guess it’s been over for a little while now…Christmas Eve and Day, that is.  The twelve days of Christmas continue on, though, and so do the festivities.  In fact I took all of Sunday to put the house back together relax after entertaining my family day before.  I haven’t entertained in a while and to tell the truth it took a bit out of me.  It was a good time, however, and we did all the things we’re supposed to do when having a little Christmas cheer – eating, drinking, chatting, and listening to old songs on the Victrola.

I was lax in one thing this Christmas ~ picture taking.  What was I thinking?  Could it be I was completely in the moment and not thinking about documenting?  What good is blogging about things without including pictures?

Christmas colors ~ this is as good as it gets for Christmas pictures on this post.

Tonight we count down to the close of 2012 and celebrate the birth of a new year. Lots of you might be going out in your fancy clothes to do some partying with the masses. Husby and I will be staying at home with a good movie or two and some delicious snow crab, cooked by Husby himself. We’ll binge on the leftover Christmas cookies and drink a little bit of wine. We’ll toast the new year, although I doubt we’ll make it to midnight to do so.

From all of us at the Auntie B’s Wax world headquarters I bid you Happy New Year. Celebrate heartily and when I see you in 2013 maybe we can discuss some resolutions for the year. Or not. We’ll see.


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Merry Christmas everyone!

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I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been so busy with all that comes with the Christmas season. That includes baking Christmas cookies. While I’m baking cookies for the season lots of things go through my head. Like, what makes this particular cookie a “Christmas cookie” for me? Why don’t I make cookies more often throughout the rest of the year? And this year I had to wonder, is baking Christmas cookies (or any cookies for that matter) an obsessive/compulsive’s dream, or nightmare?

Take, for example, these lovely little morsels. They have to be shaped into “small” balls. Without the help of one of Martha Stewart’s completely neurotic cookie dough baller thingies, one must be very careful to use the exact amount of dough in each cookie and shape them in to perfectly round balls.

Not only do the dough balls have to be perfectly round, they also have to be perfectly spaced on the cookie sheet.

Then, two minutes, exactly two minutes, before they’re complete, chocolate stars must be placed in the middle of the nearly baked cookies, then baked for two more minutes.  Did you hear me?  The chocolate stars must be placed in the middle.  It would be wrong to have a lopsided cookie.

The thing is, I don’t think I’m too obsessive or compulsive when it comes to baking cookies.  However, when I noticed how absolutely perfectly I executed this project I thought an obsessive/compulsive would be proud.  And what’s more, the recipe said the batch makes “about” sixty cookies.  About?  My yield was exactly sixty cookies.  I’m the boss of Peanut Blossoms.

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Wordless Wednesday

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One of the things I like best about Christmastime is the music. Ever since I was a child I knew Christmas music was a lot different from regular music. The old carols kind of confused me though, because of their weird choice of words (weird as in Victorian and British).  For example, We Wish You A Merry Christmas has the following lyrics that always set my imagination wild:

Oh, bring us a figgy pudding;
Oh, bring us a figgy pudding;
Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer

What in the world is a “figgy pudding?”  I pictured it as being a very off-colored vanilla pudding, or some wobbly, many-tiered  jello-type thing.  One thing I knew for sure, it was made with figs.  As a child I thought a figgy pudding would be as gross as tapioca pudding, which is commonly known in my family as “bugger pudding,” even though everyone likes it except me.

But guess what?  I finally got a taste of figgy pudding.  And was really quite good.

Those British.  Like Yorkshire pudding isn’t actually pudding but popover stuff, the figgy pudding isn’t really pudding either.  It’s kind of cake-like.  And very good with a little caramel sauce and a lot of real cream.

So yes, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer.  Yum!

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Many of you are familiar with the patron saints. You might know St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things or St. Christopher, the patron saint of travel. In times past it was the popes who would name the patron saints, but apparently now anyone can. So I did.

Not only did I name some patron saints, I also created vigil lights for these very special saints. The candles are made of pure beeswax and will glow through the red votive cup just as they do in the greatest cathedrals of the world.  And to add some special bling to these hallowed vigil lights I affixed the saint’s picture on the votive cup and surrounded it with a halo of gold glitter.  After all, saints deserve nothing but the best.

What would be a vigil light without a prayer?  I’ve taken care of that for you too.  The prayer to recite to the saint is on the opposite side of the votive cup for easy reference, in case you don’t memorize it. 

Take a look for yourself.  The patron saints of Ladyhood have a valid place in the litany, but have nonetheless been left out.  They’re available to help you with your lady problems, or merely give you permission to laugh at the plights of womanhood.  They’re also available at my shop

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