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Not too long ago I published a post singing the praises of green and white.

I’d like to say that the combination of green and pink is pretty awesome too.

Peonies beginning to bloom.

It’s flower blossom time!


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Green And White

There’s something about spring.  The flora is fresh and the sun is in a certain position in the sky to make that flora look brilliantly green.  Irish green.  Nearly neon green.

After the rain falls things are even greener.  I have to check my glasses to see that they aren’t tinted.

However, I can’t take too much green all by itself.  Yes, it’s fresh, it’s life-affirming, but it’s all so…green.  It needs a little white mixed in.

Bridal Wreath Spirea

I’ve always loved the combination of green and white.  When I moved into Husby’s house after we were first married one of the first things I requested was that the trim of his white house be painted green.  After all, I lived there too.  The wonderful man I married bowed to his bride’s request, and soon our new abode looked as fresh as springtime.  I loved it.

Variegated Hosta

Now in our new house (of seventeen years) we have lots of green and white combinations for me to admire, none of which required Husby to get on a ladder to paint.  Nature (and Husby’s gardening skills) takes care of the color schemes, and many of them are green and white.

Lily of the Valley

I’ve taken time to enjoy the colors of springtime, and look forward to the palettes of the coming seasons.

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April Showers

The crocuses have been pushing their leaves out of the ground, and what do they get for their efforts?  An April SNOW shower.  Poor things.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Did you “spring ahead” yesterday?  I guess the advent of daylight savings time marks the beginning of spring; although I seem to remember that springing forward happened in May when I was young.  Is time moving faster or slower as I get older?

Doesn’t matter.  Spring has pretty much arrived in Minnesota, even though the grass is still a little brown and the flowers aren’t yet blooming.  To get completely in the mood for spring Husby and I had a midweek date at the Como Park Conservatory where we could breathe in the scents of flora and soil and take in the splendors that warm weather can offer.

There was a tropical room, filled with the plants, trees, and even creatures of that clime.

Anaconda, so cozy.

Tarantula in need of a shave.

Amazon River fish. The reason I don’t swim in rivers, anywhere.

Turtles. The one thing that will cause my mother to run on water, not unlike Jesus.

Then an area containing the lovely art of bonsai.  Those little trees are so cute!

Mini fig

One thing I really liked was how the leaves of plants can be filled with such beautiful patterns.

I want a pair of leggings with this pattern.

These leaves look like they came straight off some barkcloth curtains from the 1940s.

And the colors and fragrances of the flowers were a pleasure for the senses.

Close your eyes and imagine what this smells like.

Curly top

Of course the conservatory also houses the requisite nude fountains.

It was a fun afternoon that inspired me to pour some floral-scented candles to welcome spring.  Nature is awesome.

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I don’t know about the rest of the country, but anyone who lives in the north knows it’s been a long, cold, snowy winter.  Put emphasis on long.  We’re tired of shivering.  We’re tired of spinouts on the roads.  We’re tired of walking bent over, watching for those patches of ice that crop up everywhere.

Even though the snow isn’t gone yet there’s a place where springtime is blooming.  A bunch of us bundled up and drove to Macy’s in Minneapolis for the annual flower show.  The theme this year was The Secret Garden.  Not only was the flower show a breath of fresh air, I feel like reading the book again.

Getting off the elevator on the eighth floor of Macy’s gave us an aromatic preview of what we were about to see.  When we walked through the entrance we were transported from a bleak winter to a warm and colorful spring.

Tulips, cherry blossoms, English daisies and orchids.  Those were just a few of the hundreds of flowers set throughout a meandering path.

As we strolled along the paths we started feeling more hopeful that spring will arrive.  It has to.  We need some color in our lives.

We even got to see the grand dame of springtime.  She was quite impressive and very glamorous.

And that’s only a quarter of her!

A flowing gown made from a variety of red flowers.  Who needs perfume with a dress like that?

We’re in for some more snow, but with the temperatures up in the 40s and 50s this weekend I don’t think it will get a chance to accumulate.  Tonight Husby and I are going to light a fire in the fireplace for the last time of the season; that’s how sure we are that spring is on the way.  Not only that, I’ve begun my spring cleaning!

I hope your springtime arrives soon if it hasn’t already.   If you’re feeling less than hopeful, go through these photos again.  They’ll warm you up.

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