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Lately I’ve had to do a lot of grown-up things and it’s just wearing me down.  Big grown up things like making decisions and providing for myself.  Oh, some of you may laugh, but I know there’s a bunch of you out there who know exactly what I’m talking about.

Allie knows what I’m talking about and has depicted her version of conquering enduring adulthood here.  I love the productivity chart and can completely relate to it.

When I get worn down by the daily grind of adulthood I lose sight of the joy that is everywhere around me.  No one should be devoid of joy.  It’s against the nature of life.  And when it’s time for me to find some bliss again I look to my heroine, Dame Marjorie Chardem, better known as Maude.

Time for a little Harold and Maude, I believe. Life affirming, uplifting, spiritual and funny. Maude, in her mature adulthood, held onto that child-like wonder and never stopped seeing the world as a place of pure delight.

You can do what you want, the opportunity’s on

And if you find a new way, you can do it today

You can make it all true, and you can make it undo you see…

Ah, it’s easy

Ah, you only need to know…

Cat Stevens

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Possum-Playing Squirrel

As much as I love watching the suburban wildlife in my back yard sometimes it freaks me out.

The other day I was enjoying some time on the deck, sipping my Diet Dr. Pepper and catching up with my e-mails, when looked over at the fence.  There he lay, on his stomach across the top of the fence post.  His little legs were hanging lifeless, his head and tail were still.

I watched this squirrel for quite a while.  There was no movement.  None.  I watched and watched.  This squirrel wasn’t moving.  At all.

I closed out the e-mails on my smarty phone and switched over to the camera.  Maybe this little guy was just resting very comfortably?  What a cute photo, huh?  So I snapped a picture from the deck.

All flaked out on the fence post. I was pretty sure he was dead.

Then I thought, that squirrel has been laying there motionless for at least fifteen minutes. Could it be some cruel joke played by one of the neighbor kids? He found a dead squirrel and decided to drap it over our fence to freak me out? Or maybe someone was trying to be helpful, getting the dead squirrel out of the grass so no one would chop it up with the lawnmower?

I decided to walk slowly toward the squirrel to see if it would move knowing something was approaching.  Slowly, I walked toward it. Still, no movement. I crept closer, to within eight feet of that little possum-playing devil, before he decided to sit up and take notice.

He’s not dead. He’s just mad because I disrupted his relaxation with my incessant camera clicking.

After spending about twenty minutes trying to figure out if the squirrel was dead or not it was proven that he was indeed alive. Just all tuckered out.

I can totally relate.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Time To Catch Up

The last few days has been quite action-packed at the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters.  Actually, most of the action has taken place outside of headquarters, but very busy and demanding nonetheless.

I’ve been on the go since Thursday when I spent a couple of days at the hospital.  No, I wasn’t the patient, but I felt the pains and worry just the same.  Charlotte is finally home eating food that doesn’t make her want to cry and is on the road to healing her bionics.  I’m a little afraid of the day we’re back on the tennis court ~ she’ll surely run me ragged.

Saturday and Sunday was spent in Cannon Falls at the Wine and Art Festival.  What a wonderful event!  Husby and I set up our canopy and settled in to meet some new artisans and greet some old friends, as well as schmooze with the festival goers, who were all in jolly form despite the heat.  There will be more on that event in an upcoming post.

After dragging myself out of bed today at the cheerful hour of 5:15 a.m. I spent nine hours at the day job.  I found it difficult to focus but put my time in as required.  During my lunch break I took a field trip to the smarty phone store to have the guy tell me why my phone was frozen, unable to turn itself on despite my very forceful button pushing and harsh language.  He fixed me right up, but when I got home I had a lot of resetting to do.

I also did three loads of laundry.  Yes, three.

Yeah, that would be me.

It’s late now, past 10:00 p.m.  Oh, quit your giggling.  Tomorrow begins, as it did today, at 5:00 a.m., so it’s already over an hour past my bedtime.

I’m taking this week to regroup and get some stuff done.  How about you?  What’s on your docket this week?

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Hello all!

This weekend I’ll be embarking upon a new adventure.  A totally new festival venue which I hope proves not only to be a successful business venture, but also a fun weekend for me and my trusty roadie, Husby.

That’s right, Cannon Falls, Minnesota is the destination and a good time for all is the objective. If you’re within a one hundred mile radius and have nothing pressing to do this weekend, come to the park by the river and have some food and wine while you listen to live music and peruse the wares of many talented artisans. It’s gonna be great!

For more information check out this site. Hope to see you there!

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