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Lately I’ve had to do a lot of grown-up things and it’s just wearing me down.  Big grown up things like making decisions and providing for myself.  Oh, some of you may laugh, but I know there’s a bunch of you out there who know exactly what I’m talking about.

Allie knows what I’m talking about and has depicted her version of conquering enduring adulthood here.  I love the productivity chart and can completely relate to it.

When I get worn down by the daily grind of adulthood I lose sight of the joy that is everywhere around me.  No one should be devoid of joy.  It’s against the nature of life.  And when it’s time for me to find some bliss again I look to my heroine, Dame Marjorie Chardem, better known as Maude.

Time for a little Harold and Maude, I believe. Life affirming, uplifting, spiritual and funny. Maude, in her mature adulthood, held onto that child-like wonder and never stopped seeing the world as a place of pure delight.

You can do what you want, the opportunity’s on

And if you find a new way, you can do it today

You can make it all true, and you can make it undo you see…

Ah, it’s easy

Ah, you only need to know…

Cat Stevens

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