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A little while ago I promised to unveil a product right here on my humble blog.  I wanted to test this new product at a couple of live shows before presenting it here.  I’ve done that and got rave reviews…and some confused faces.

These magnets are pretty hysterical if I may say so.  It’s fine if you don’t think so; I’ve heard comments like “I don’t get it,” and “who’s that?”  I’ve also made a few sales and have generated lots of laughs.  With those mixed reviews I present to you (drumroll)…The Walken Series.

There you have it. Did you pee your pants with laughter? Are you scratching your head going “what the…?”

For anyone interested in owning any of these works of quirky magnetic art they are available only at my live shows and right here on this blog for $5 each, plus $2 shipping. (Shipping varies depending on how many you buy.) And here’s a special blog deal for those of you who can’t live with less than all of them ~ if you buy all seven I’ll give you $10 off! That’s seven bizarre Walken magnets for $25, plus $3 shipping.

To order just go to the Sheet Magnets Page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  Be sure to check out all the other fun pulp fiction, sheet music, and words to live by magnets too!

Thanks for bearing with my obession with the weirdness that is Walken, and have a great weekend.

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This Sunday many of us will be honoring mothers or being honored by children…or both!  Hooray for mothers, for without them we would never have the quirky malfunctions of character that make us so loveable!

Oh you know I’m just kidding.  And I know that the 1915 song M-O-T-H-E-R was written about moms exactly like mine.

“M” is for the million things she gave me

“O” means only that she’s growing old

“T” is for the tears she shed to save me

“H” is for her heart of purest gold

“E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining

“R” means right, and right she’ll always be

Put them all together and they spell MOTHER, a word that means the world to me.

~Howard Johnson

M-O-T-H-E-R Sheet Music Magnet can be purchased in my Etsy shop by clicking on the picture. You can also buy it (and many others) right here! Click on the Sheet Magnets tab at the top of the page and go from there.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who have given it everything you’ve got!

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I remember years ago when I was in high school how my dad would be so disgusted at my homework practices.  I usually had the stereo blaring (before the days of iPods) with records or radio.  He was certain I wasn’t giving my school work the concentration it needed.  I would laugh, of course, assuring him I could concentrate much better with my tunes.

Now that I’m older, older than my dad was when he lectured the importance of concentration and focus, I get it.  It seems I’ve developed a sensitivity to noise with my increasing age, especially artifical noise (natural noises like birds chirping or babbling brooks don’t count).  I don’t want to have music constantly streaming through my head.  I don’t want to have the TV on as background noise.  I go completely out of my mind with noises the building makes at my day job, and seriously, what’s with white noise?  It’s incessant and annoying.  I don’t mind hearing people talk to each other in person, but to have to hear someone talking on their cell phone makes me positively insane.  Sometimes I think I’m as bad as The Grinch when he complains about Christmas in Whoville with all the “noise noise noise noise!”

I wonder what it would be like to live with Harpo Marx.  He didn’t speak.  Nice and quiet, with a few exceptions of course.

When I’m home alone I usually don’t turn on music or TV for company.  I don’t sing or hum to myself.  I just enjoy the quiet ~ the quiet I can’t find anywhere else unless I’m completely alone.  The stillness is like a soft pillow, the silence like a downy quilt.  It’s cozy.  It’s quiet.

Of course this isn’t to say I don’t want anyone speaking to me, or amongst themselves.  I wouldn’t enjoy a world completely void of noise.  But every once in a while I’ll turn it all off, think of Harpo, and remember how silence is indeed golden.

Silence is Golden magnet ~ available in my shop. Just click on the picture.

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Today I’m very simply and unabashedly going to plug the opening of the Sheet Magnet Page on this site.  There’s a little tab on the top of the screen…up there…that says Sheet Magnets.  Click on it and you’ll enter the world of sheet music cover art, pulp fiction cover art, and words to live by made into magnets for your refrigerator, locker, file cabinet, or tackle box.

This is a collection of all the sheet magnets I’m prepared to make at any given moment.  If you like any of them you can just fill out the little form at the bottom of the Sheet Magnet Page and tell me which one(s) you want.  Easy as pie!

You can peruse the page and see if you’d like to buy one or seven for some Christmas gifts.  I like to think of these as little messages, subversive or otherwise, to leave behind for others.  Kind of like how we all know this girl, and wouldn’t she love to be recognized as the corporate ladder climber that she is…

Don’t forget to treat yourself too.  Surely you’ll find something that depicts your life to a tee…

Auntie B’s Sheet Magnets will be available here forever, so be sure to remember this site as your source for cheap thrills and naughty tidbits, along with some very respectable trinkets too.

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It seems a bit odd, someone sick or injured not wanting to get well. But falling in love with the hospital nurse would make any suffering worthwhile…I guess.

There’s been a sick person in my life lately, and although I don’t imagine he’s falling in love with the hospital nurses it seems he doesn’t want to get well.

Throughout the trials of the past two weeks I couldn’t get this song title out of my mind. The sheet music cover art for the song I Don’t Want To Get Well has been made into a magnet and is available in my Etsy shop.  Bizarre yet sweet. Sad yet funny. Take it anyway you want and if you want it for your own you can buy it right here.

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