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Not too long ago I published a post singing the praises of green and white.

I’d like to say that the combination of green and pink is pretty awesome too.

Peonies beginning to bloom.

It’s flower blossom time!


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Green And White

There’s something about spring.  The flora is fresh and the sun is in a certain position in the sky to make that flora look brilliantly green.  Irish green.  Nearly neon green.

After the rain falls things are even greener.  I have to check my glasses to see that they aren’t tinted.

However, I can’t take too much green all by itself.  Yes, it’s fresh, it’s life-affirming, but it’s all so…green.  It needs a little white mixed in.

Bridal Wreath Spirea

I’ve always loved the combination of green and white.  When I moved into Husby’s house after we were first married one of the first things I requested was that the trim of his white house be painted green.  After all, I lived there too.  The wonderful man I married bowed to his bride’s request, and soon our new abode looked as fresh as springtime.  I loved it.

Variegated Hosta

Now in our new house (of seventeen years) we have lots of green and white combinations for me to admire, none of which required Husby to get on a ladder to paint.  Nature (and Husby’s gardening skills) takes care of the color schemes, and many of them are green and white.

Lily of the Valley

I’ve taken time to enjoy the colors of springtime, and look forward to the palettes of the coming seasons.

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Yesterday I felt really frumpy.  I tried to look cute in the outfit I chose for the day job, but I looked anything but cute.  I had a little short-sleeved top, a soft, cropped cardigan, and some Lee pants.  Doesn’t sound so bad, right?  Wrong.  Because there was the very unfortunate combination of colors.  The pants were light, sandy brown, the top was orange, and the sweater was olive green.  That’s right, I was dressed like a house out of the ’70s.

My top was the color of the cabinets and my sweater was the color of the appliances. My pants were the color of that tiny strip of border above the window. I was a ’70s kitchen.

I was self-conscious all day and tried not to leave my desk unless it was absolutely necessary so as few people as possible would see me.

Although I was wearing the color scheme of this dreadful livingroom, I’m grateful my hair didn’t look like shag carpeting.

The more the day dragged on the more stupid I felt in my weird ensemble.  I’ll never use that combination of clothes again.  When I got home I quickly changed into a pair of sweat pants and a denim work shirt and thought I would have looked better wearing that to work.

Burnt orange and avocado green.  Take my advice and don’t do it, unless you’re able to spend the day hiding from view of the general public.

I would have looked better had I been wearing this woman’s outfit. Except I would never stand with my legs apart like that. That one looks kind of broken.

Today I’m wearing a black skirt and a black blouse.  I like the svelte look.  Much better than looking like a big, green refrigerator.

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