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It so happens that our Dive Night once again occurred during fair time.  Husby and I were in charge of choosing a place.  After a lot of thought we came to the conclusion that it’s really difficult to choose a place at the fair simply for the fact that there is just so much good food contained in the 300 acres that make up the fairgrounds.  Most of the “restaurants” serve home cooking or your standard hamburger/hot dog fare, which is really good, but not quite what we wanted for our Dive Night adventure at the fair.  There is one place, though, that has been a fair tradition for many, especially those who work at the fair ~ vendors, ticket takers, garbage collectors, and carnies.  It has also been a tradition for my dad, who has held various positions at the State Fair for over forty-five years.  The best part about this restaurant is that it serves breakfast all day long.  Perfect!


The Peg has been around as long as I’ve been going to the fair, and many years before that.  It has booths and tables on the inside and “patio seating” outside for your people-watching pleasure.

Of course we got a table outside.  It was my choice to order breakfast just for something a little different at the fair.  Surprisingly the rest of the gang did the same!  I got the stack of three pancakes, a side of sausage, and chocolate milk.  The pancakes were fluffy and delicious and the sausage was plentiful.

Husby got the #3.  Eggs (over easy for him), hashbrowns, and toast.  The eggs were done perfectly according to Husby, and the hasbrowns were crispy outside and tender inside.

Ray was extremely fancy ordering the #5: steak, eggs (scrambled for him), hashbrowns and toast.  Interestingly he ordered a Mountain Dew with his “breakfast.”

Ruthie ordered a side of steak (where else could you order a “side” of steak?) and hashbrowns.  It was the most dinner-like of our breakfasts.

Most delicious!  The one thing that didn’t quite work was cutting the steaks with plastic utensils.  I kept telling Ruthie to just pick it up and eat it with her fingers, but she is too lady-like.

An item of note, these steaks were No-Names, and very generously sized.  And guess what?  Each couple paid less than $20 for two meals, even those including steak!  It’s one of the best deals on the fairgrounds.

If you go to the fair early in the morning you can lay a good base with a breakfast at The Peg.  Food done by cooks who really know what they’re doing at a very reasonable price.  What more could you ask for?

The Peg is located on the outside of the Agriculture/Horticulture Building on the east side.  Too late to try it this year, but be sure to include it on your things-to-do-at-the-fair list for next year.  Highly recommended!


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