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Leaving The Nest

Husby and I have our own little nature sanctuary (aka: back yard) that’s visited by red squirrels, grey squirrels, rabbits, deer, turtles, frogs, mice, chipmunks, butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies, and many types of birds such as robins, wrens, chickadees, finches, cardinals, bluejays, orioles, hummingbirds, bluebirds, crows, blackbirds, and every so often a hawk will drop by.  The activity and entertainment are endless.

It’s always very exciting to see a little wren take up residence in the bird house Husby hangs every year.  This year we were also happy to notice a robin building a nest on the top of the pergola over our deck, nestling it in among the vines.  When we see the newly born bunnies hopping around, barely visible in the grass munching on fallen leaves and dandelions, the mama birds are still tending to their eggs.

When the eggs finally hatch there’s much more activity and noise in the back yard.  Little cheeps are heard, and with close and careful inspection we can see tiny, fuzzy heads with open beaks peaking over the edge of the nest.  Mama Robin is back and forth with bits of nourishment for her babies, and has come to know those enormous human beings sitting so close to her nest aren’t a threat.

Today I got to witness one of the little robins take his first flight from the nest to a very nearby tree branch.  He isn’t so tiny anymore, and has feathers instead of fuzz, but it was very obvious he was nervous and unsteady even though his mother was close by on another branch of the same tree.

This guy is very adventurous. I didn’t leave home until I was twenty-two years old!

Being a neighbor of the Robin family has me thinking about how exhilarating it is to do something for the first time.  First step, first time on a bike, first kiss, first home…  When you get to be my age it seems like there aren’t too many firsts left in life, but they’re out there.  Case in point – just recently Husby and I had our first zip line experience!

Nature is a lesson to us all.  If we don’t poke our heads out of the frosty snow, we won’t become daffodils.  If we don’t venture out we won’t know all the good things the world has to offer.  If we don’t jump from the nest, we’ll never learn how to fly.

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We’re getting a little hint of springtime where I live.  The wind still blows cold but the sun’s been shining and temperatures are above freezing.  There’s still snow on the ground, but it’s sticky and wet.

Husby made a present for me with the sticky, wet snow.  I looked out the patio door and saw this:

He stood on the deck with his crooked willow arms and shy smile looking into the window of the sliding door.  At about one-and-a-half feet tall he was the cutest, most petite snowman I’d ever seen and made he me laugh every time I passed and looked out.

Alas, by the next day the sun kept shining and the temperature was determined to reach forty.  By mid-day the eyes of my little snow friend had popped out and all that remained of his happy smile was an indentation in his icy head.  And because the wind was strong and the sun was warm his icy neck melted and his head hung at an odd angle.  I felt sad pity for him, but his faceless, lopsided self gave me the message that spring is on its way.

I hope little snowman’s demise isn’t in vain.

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It’s a misty evening, overcast and humid.  There was a bit of rain, and when I looked out the window I noticed the lily of the valley sprouts have shot up at least two inches since yesterday.  The hummingbirds have arrived with their shiny green and red feathers.  The snow is gone and the grass is green.  I believe spring has finally sprung.

I’m indulging in the leftovers of Mother’s Day.  I hosted a group of eight for the occasion including Charlotte (the mom of two wonderful nephews) and my mom (the mom of Charlotte, me, and Diggy) and everyone else in my immediate family.  Right now I have some champagne in my glass, a nice hostess gift from Charlotte, and a piece of red velvet cake.  Mike Oldfield and Jean Michel Jarre are on the stereo and I am just about as content as I can be.

My Etsy shop is now on vacation and the next couple of months loom before me.  They’ll be a busy couple of months, so I’m taking advantage of some down time until I need to be “on.”  Right now the craft business is secondary, family is first and foremost.  One thing I’m really looking forward to (and Husby is even more) is our upcoming getaway to Door County.  “What’s the big deal,” you may ask?  “You go to Door County at least once a year.”  This time our trip won’t include a craft show.  This is a good thing.  Husby and I are looking forward to a little R & R without one thought of Auntie B’s Wax.

After our trip to Door County we have a few events to attend, one of which is the spring festival at the Chateau St. Croix Winery.  It will be my first show of the season and we’re really looking forward to seeing the gang at the Chateau, as well as seeing returning customers and meeting new ones.

The summer is sprawled out in front of me, busy, as summertime in Minnesota usually is.  With all the activities and celebrations awaiting I look outside my window tonight and shrug my shoulders as sigh.  It’s a quiet night, one to relish in anticipation of an action-packed summer.  All is good.

And the night falls.

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March 31st brought sunshine and warm (60 degrees F) weather.  It was absolutely glorious.

April 1st opened with a below-freezing temperature (30 degrees F) and a layer of ice on everything we had to walk and drive on.

By mid morning the snow began to fall and the wind began to blow.  Hard.

At 2:00 p.m. the sun came out and the temperature got up to 40 degrees F.

Today is April Fool’s Day.  Yeah.  Good one, Mother Nature.  Way to take away our springtime.  Way to tease us with the sunshine.  Way to announce “April Fool!” through the voice of a howling wind.

I’m not amused.

And now those who have your personal number tell us we’re in for four to eight inches of snow by the weekend?

Mother Nature, you’re either very cruel or possessed by the devil.

I think I’ll get possessed to book the next flight to Hawaii.

I’m not really going to go to Hawaii. Not now at least. I guess I’m a fool. An April Fool. image via http://viterbinotes.usc.edu/

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