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Today marks the beginning of my weekend.  I like to take long weekends this time of year. 

For a long time this particular weekend has been reserved for two things.

1)  Holiday shopping at the Landmark Center Old-Fashioned Holiday Bazaar in St. Paul, MN with Charlotte and our mom. 

After that little shopping excursion we go out for a nice bowl of lobster bisque and popovers. 

2) Decking the halls at my own house.  Christmas music will be blaring and evergreen needles will be scratching.  I’ll be trying to hide the holes of the Christmas tree against the wall and most likely cursing at the many strings of lights.  But in the end I’ll be so happy to see the tree shimmering with all its tinsel and sparkly ornaments.  By Sunday the whole house will be filled with the sights, sounds, and aromas of Christmas, and will remain that way until the twelve days of Christmas are over on January 6.

It’s going to be a Christmasy weekend, and I’ll probably even make time to watch Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer. 

But before all of that happens Husby and I are meeting up with Ruthie and Ray for a sorely-needed Dive Night.  It’s been a while.  I don’t want to divulge the location of this culinary treasure, but it begins with V and ends with FW.  Should be an interesting evening, and I’ll be sure to chronicle the whole event for you next week.

Although it’s only Thursday I’ll bid you a happy weekend as I’ll be too busy shopping, slurping bisque and slathering my popover with butter to write a post tomorrow. 

Have a merry weekend everyone!

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The air is a crisp twenty degrees and the dawn is dark.  The moon in the roving clouds looks like a painting.  This is the perfect morning for lingering with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm muffin.

But here I am in the sterile and stark office of my day job. 

In one thousand eighty-four days I will be lingering with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm muffin on a cold morning like today. 

For now I’m just dreaming of the day I can retire.

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The Thanksgiving weekend is over, and I hope it was a happy one for all of you.  Husby and I had a cozy little dinner with just the two of us.  Now that we celebrate the day as a twosome we serve ourselves something other than a giant turkey, because there’s only so much two people can do with a twelve pound turkey before getting sick of it or developing narcolepsy due to excess tryptophan.  This year we had a nice little pork loin with a cranberry barbecue glaze and a bunch of other good stuff to accompany it.  We also had a very nontraditional dessert ~ applesauce cake with a spiced cream cheese frosting.

Black Friday was very leisurely for us as we spent the day at the Taylors Falls Depot selling my wares.  There was a crowd shopping, but there was no screaming, clawing, or trampling.

Joyce and Doug’s booth filled with beautiful original paintings.

A friend of one of the vendors stopped by and it turns out she’s a professional pianist. It was so nice of her to play some music for us for free, although I’m pretty sure the out-of-tune piano was bugging her to no end. Despite that, she played beautifully. One of the shoppers loved the music so much she lingered to sing along to the Christmas songs.

Live music from a real professional. What a treat!

Of course I was thrilled to meet some new customers and see lots of returning customers.  I was especially happy to meet the lady who loves beeswax so much she bought every beeswax candle I had.  Woo Hoo!  I appreciate all who stopped by my booth to pay me a visit or buy a thing or two for themselves or for gifts to give this Christmas.

Some shoppers perusing my booth

With the Thanksgiving weekend behind us I foresee a whirlwind of activity coming our way.  I’m looking forward to the festivites and preparations.  Let the Christmas season begin!

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There was an article in Yahoo News or some other internet news site about a woman who claims to have paid only $2000 on $10,000 worth of merchandise on Black Friday.  I only have one thing to say about that: The day I spend $2000 (much less $10,000) on Christmas gifts is the day I win the lottery and become Oprah’s sole beneficiary.  But probably not even then.

I’m not alone in thinking the whole Black Friday thing has gotten out of control.  It’s unbelievable how Corporate America is able to manipulate the country into thinking that more is better.  Seriously, I believe people go out on Black Friday Thursday just to buy as much stuff as they possibly can and decide later who will receive what item from the myriad of on-sale crap.  Where has the thoughtfulness of gift-giving gone?  Are we, as a whole, really convinced that a violent, frontal lobe-frying video game is better for our kids than a book?  Is it really better to give Grandma a high-tech food processor rather than a CD featuring music from her era?

The magic and joy of the Christmas season is being sucked away by greed.  Not only is Christmas promoted way too early, it is obscenely promoted with shouting and concepts like “busting” doors. 

I can think of SO many things I’d rather do than stand in line, outside, on a cold Minnesota November night, with a bunch of strangers.

There’s nothing wrong with a sale or saving money, but let’s all remember the idea behind giving gifts.  Let’s not let retail stores tell us we are bad if we don’t give diamonds and flat-screen TVs (on sale of course) as gifts.  Most importantly, let’s not let the Thanksgiving holiday turn into an eat-and-run kind of day.  Relax.  Preparing a delicious meal is enough to think about for one day.  Even if you’re all alone on Thanksgiving, take that time to be silently thoughtful about that for which you are thankful.  Or watch a good movie.

I’ll be spending Black Friday with Husby at the Taylors Falls Depot selling my wares along with some other talented artisans.  It will prove to be a fun event with sweet treats and cider for anyone who stops by.  Be sure to stay for the parade downtown Taylors Falls, as well as the lighting of the Christmas decorations. 

I like the idea of spending the day in small town, doing small town stuff at a small town pace.  In the back of my mind I’ll still know the world has gone mad and people are clawing and trampling each other to the delight and amusement of big box stores.  To this thought I can only say, non illegitimi carborundum est.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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