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The plan was to make some clam and pasta soup for dinner.  There was also a plan for snow and slippery roads.  I wondered what I could do instead of going to the store to buy some bread sticks or ciabatta rolls to go with the soup.  Make popovers, of course!

Lots of people think popovers are difficult and complicated.  Guess what?  There are only four ingredients and chances are better than good you have them all in your house right now.  Eggs, milk, flour and salt.  Who would guess these four ingredients would make such a delicious accompaniment to a winter evening soup?  The best thing about popovers is that everyone thinks they’re really fancy ~ only you’ll know they’re the easiest thing you could ever make from scratch.  I love them hot out of the oven with some a substantial amount of butter on them.

I make them in popover tins, but you can use custard cups or even muffin tins.

I use a basic recipe from Betty Crocker.  The recipe offered online is the same as it is in my cookbook, which is about thirty years old.  The classics last forever.


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Today marks the beginning of my weekend.  I like to take long weekends this time of year. 

For a long time this particular weekend has been reserved for two things.

1)  Holiday shopping at the Landmark Center Old-Fashioned Holiday Bazaar in St. Paul, MN with Charlotte and our mom. 

After that little shopping excursion we go out for a nice bowl of lobster bisque and popovers. 

2) Decking the halls at my own house.  Christmas music will be blaring and evergreen needles will be scratching.  I’ll be trying to hide the holes of the Christmas tree against the wall and most likely cursing at the many strings of lights.  But in the end I’ll be so happy to see the tree shimmering with all its tinsel and sparkly ornaments.  By Sunday the whole house will be filled with the sights, sounds, and aromas of Christmas, and will remain that way until the twelve days of Christmas are over on January 6.

It’s going to be a Christmasy weekend, and I’ll probably even make time to watch Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer. 

But before all of that happens Husby and I are meeting up with Ruthie and Ray for a sorely-needed Dive Night.  It’s been a while.  I don’t want to divulge the location of this culinary treasure, but it begins with V and ends with FW.  Should be an interesting evening, and I’ll be sure to chronicle the whole event for you next week.

Although it’s only Thursday I’ll bid you a happy weekend as I’ll be too busy shopping, slurping bisque and slathering my popover with butter to write a post tomorrow. 

Have a merry weekend everyone!

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