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I’m not one to apologize for not posting on my blog.  I’m not going to make excuses or explanations.  Let’s just say a “hiatus” is something very common to the very best writers and artisans, although I don’t claim to be counted among the best of either.

Sure, Wordless Wednesday posts have popped up here and there; a photograph is easy, especially if one is not known for her photography.  But even some of my photos, no matter how good or intriguing, have been tossed to the ditches of Hiatusville.

Of course Auntie B herself hasn’t been on hiatus.  Many things have been happening in personal and business ventures.  Her (aka “my”) writing muscle hasn’t been working too well lately, but the atrophy is lifting.

And because I always like to leave my visitors (if any are left) with at least one photo, let me show you one that depicts the eternal journey…


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