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Today. It started last night, actually. My sleep was interrupted with hot flashes and adrenaline surges at least once every hour. But I went to the day job like a real hero in spite of the fact that I had about three hours of sleep.

Then, at the day job there was absolutely nothing to do. Okay, that’s not entirely true, but being the efficiency warrior that I am all the work I had to do was done within three hours. That left six hours to stay awake, occupy myself, look busy and stay awake. It was the challenge of the century. On top of that I have this thumb thing going on, which makes gripping, including a computer mouse, nearly impossible. But guess what? I did it. I finished out the day. When 3:30 rolled around I was ready to scream out of the office and back home again for hours upon hours of sweet sleep.

Except The Pod (my car, which looks like a space pod) had less than half a tank of gas, and being the responsible motorhead that I am I decided I could spare ten minutes at the gas station to fill up.

So there I was, responsibly filling up my gas tank, kind of dozing as I did it, knowing the click of the “full tank” would alert me to hang up the nozzle and walk into the station to pay my bill, which I really had no energy to do. Except guess what? The click didn’t happen and gas came spilling out of my tank, down the side of my car and onto my pants and  shoes.

What the fffff…? Well, trying to look on the bright side I was happy I wasn’t wearing my favorite black suede oxfords; instead I was wearing my tennis shoes, which have a meshy top and allowed the gasoline to soak all the way through to my socks…and feet.

I got into The Pod and knew the gas on my shoes and pants would immediately stink up the car, and it did. When I got home I stripped off my shoes, socks, and pants and treated them as necessary. The shoes are still soaking in a bucket of soapy water, and I washed the pants and socks, twice, but I still smelled the gasoline on them. So they’re on a hanger outside, as I hope a fresh breeze will take out the stench. However, it’s raining, so the pants and socks won’t dry.

While I was in the midst of my two cycles of clothes washing I decided to make myself useful (as I didn’t do much of that at the day job) and cleaned out one of my kitchen cabinets. I felt greatly accomplished.

Now I sit in my little art deco chair in the rumpus room with a tray full of candles burning on the hearth.  My little laptop (which is essentially you guys) is keeping me company. I look out the window and see green, for the first time in months, although it’s a very wet green, and there, on a plant hanger, are my pants and socks getting drenched. Hopefully the smell of gas will leave them by tomorrow at this time.

It’s a day I’m glad to see end. I’m going to take a hot bath and crawl into my cozy bed and read some Jane Eyre, a book I’m reading for the first time and am loving. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully I’ll finish it up a little less stinky than I did today.

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It turned out to be a snowy night.  I have myself seated on the deep plum-colored velveteen couch in the room I call the East Wing.  I can see the snow falling through lace curtains, mocking the beginnings of my “spring” cleaning and the wish to hang laundry on the clothesline.  By morning the ground will be white…again.

But what’s the use of complaining about weather?  There’s nothing we can do about it, so we might as well find some comfort in it.  In the cozy cocoon of the East Wing I decided to conduct a review of my Pinterest boards.  There’s stuff there I forgot all about and opening those links it made it feel like Christmas (especially with the snow falling outside!), unwrapping each treasure as if it were new.

I have a piano in my parlor that I don’t use much.  What do you think of transforming it into something like this?

An old upright piano transformed into some useful storage space. Ingenious! *photo by Tomorrow’s Antiques*

How about this display for my hand-poured beeswax taper candles?

Stoneware, crochet thread, pearls and beeswax. What a lovely vignette! *photo by Tarnished Royalty*

Of course you can’t forget to pin some inspiring recipes.  This Onion Fried Chicken recipe was a real winner with Husby and me.  And it isn’t fried at all!

A savory chicken dish from Taste Of Home *photo by Taste Of Home*

So tonight, as the wind blows and the ground is refreshed with yet another covering of cold, wet snow I’ll sit in my little East Wing, get re-inspired, and start fresh tomorrow.

I don’t obsessively pin things on Pinterest, but if you’d like to see what inspires me you can find my boards here.

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I had a very busy weekend about which I could write, but I’m not in the mood. I have new crafting ideas about which I could write, but I’m not in the mood. I need to write blog posts, but I’m not in the mood.

There’s something about only doing something for which you’re in the mood. What could that thing be? What do I want to do after an introvert’s busy, people-filled weekend? What is that thing for which I’m in the mood?

I want to plug in Pandora, my Twinkle Bell station, and then I want to write.  Not about my weekend or crafting ideas or those things that would be of interest on a blog.  I want to write things I want to write. Write things no one will see. Maybe revise my novel-in-progress. I want to listen to the soothing music and write, write, write.

And I’m writing…about anything I want to…about nothing I don’t want to.

Until I fall asleep.

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It’s April, and do you know what that means?

April Fools Day?

Yes, but that’s not quite what I was thinking

I know!  April showers!  They bring May flowers, you know.

Well, according to legend that is true.  However, this April brough us SNOW showers so far, so I’m not sure how soon the May flowers will be following.

No, the answer I’m looking for is – April marks the beginning of spring cleaning!

No way!  I hate housework!

Well, you might be interested to know that spring cleaning doesn’t require the effort it did in the olden days.  Today we have furnace filters and we don’t burn kerosene lanterns so the need to scrub soot off of our walls and ceilings is practically unnecessary.  But the smell of Murphy’s Oil Soap, ammonia and bleach can fill the house with a special feeling of clean, especially when you can open the windows and let the spring air mingle with the aromas of freshly scrubbed floors and scoured sinks.

This past weekend I engaged in the first session of spring cleaning at the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters.  It entailed a lot of furniture moving, baseboard dusting and vacuuming, furniture vacuuming, and scrubbing down and rearranging the laundry area.

Then today I got home from work and went wild.  Wild, I say!  I had no intention of doing housework when I came home from the day job, but guess what?  I decided to clean out one of the kitchen drawers.  Just one.  I ended up cleaning all of the kitchen drawers.  I emptied them, wiped them down, and together with Husby decided what to keep, what to donate and what to throw.  I mean, seriously, how many bottle openers and cork screws does one household need?  I feel proud and organized.  I can hardly wait to tackle the cupboards!

So get out those sponges and rags, roll up your sleeves, and jump into the bliss that is a clean abode.  You’ll thank me.

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