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In Between

Welcome to autumn.  Sure, the peak colors might be gone by now, but we’re still in between autumn and winter.  This time of year invigorates me.

As I looked out my window to the back yard I saw some wonderful colors.  By this time of year the golds and reds and oranges of the trees are fading fast, but these colors were at ground level.  Lily of the Valley remnants shown brightly in the otherwise overcast day.

Last weekend I spent time at the family cottage, closing the place down for winter.  There’s raking and cleaning and gathering to be done to tuck our little property in for the cold months ahead.  It was October 20th when we woke up to this…

In between.  Winter is coming and snow has begun to fall in some areas.  Autumn is still here with the falling leaves and crisp but not quite cold air.  In the Midwest of the United States we’re in a transition of seasons.  The change of seasons is one of the reasons I love living where I do.

The wildlife in my backyard is also getting ready for the coming winter.  A squirrel nabbed a fallen apple from the neighbor’s tree and “hid” it in the big spruce tree in our yard, ready to carry it to its nest.

I love this in between time of year.

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