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Minnesota is the state in which I was born and raised.  I’ve never lived outside of the state and don’t intend to ever leave it.  I’m not a cry baby about the cold and snow in the wintertime and I can survive the heat and humidity of summertime.  Spring and autumn are most glorious here, especially autumn.

But this isn’t a post about the reds, golds and oranges shown across the forests of Minnesota in autumn.  It’s summertime and the colors in my back yard during spring and summer are absolutely glorious when it comes to Husby’s excellent execution of landscaping.  Blooming occurs at different times of the season.

Bridal Wreath Spirea




Sweet Woodruff





Even the herbs have lovely blossoms


But there’s more color to Minnesota summers than flowers, shrubs and herbs.  The weather has a definite color too.  Yes, I said weather.  The color of weather for Minnesota summers is green.  Green means “go!” for severe weather.  Thunderstorms and tornados are a way of life.  Could mean running to the basement for shelter, or going outside for photo ops.


Grey and green in definite layers, from the west…not a sign of peace.


Beautiful, yet threatening.


Green skies send warnings but are so fascinating.

And then comes the storm.  But weather is as fickle as a gigolo.  It looks beautiful, it could turn dangerous.  It spreads it’s fury here and there, hither and thither.  One part of our area had to call out the snow plows to rid the streets of the hail that fell.  Our deck…not such a big deal, but still was a weather thing.

So, so green, and pouring little pellets of ice in the middle of summertime. Nature is awesome.

Blue skies, blooms of white, red, purple and pink shining in the summer sunlight.  Then comes the green.  Green skies that pour all sorts of havoc.  It’s all about colors this time of year, and they’re all glorious.

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It’s after 9:00 p.m. and I should be in bed.  But you know how it is when you have all this stuff to do right when you come home from the day job and then spend some chatty time with your spouse or kids or partner or housemate or even yourself over dinner and then have a bunch of other stuff to do after that?  It’s 9:00 p.m. before you know it and there was no relaxing time at all.

I love relaxing time.  I need relaxing time.  I’m kind of lazy that way.

But tonight I was on a mission.  I can’t say too much about it because the person for whom this mission must be accomplished might read my blog and it’s a surprise for him/her.  Suffice it to say the mission involved technology, and with that I stink.

Stink, I say.

Needless to say the mission was not accomplished, but I haven’t lost hope yet.  When it comes to computers and digital devices I’m usually determined to figure it out even if it takes me months.  Unfortunately in this case I don’t have that long, so I better hop to it.  Tomorrow I’ll give it another whirl.

And tomorrow will be Wednesday already!  I had a nice, long weekend for Memorial Day, thanks to a government job that gives me national holidays off.  I wouldn’t say the weekend was particularly relaxing either, because I went to the family cottage and there was a lot to do to open the place up for the summer.  Charlotte did most of the work though, because she’s disciplined that way.  There were windows to wash, an outhouse to scrub, cobwebs to brush away, dusting to do, animal gnawings to repair and a bunch of other stuff that we all pitched in to accomplish.  It was a fun weekend though, spending time with everyone.

Because tomorrow is Wednesday I’ll be doing some craft work to get ready for the show at Chateau St. Croix next month.  (Wednesdays are devoted to craft work for me.)  There will be some candle pouring and product pricing done, and that always makes me feel productive.  I’ll also have to get back to that technology project and see if I can figure it all out.

Lazy days of summer?  I’d like proof of that, please.  I’m rarely lazy during the summer months because the summer months demand a lot of activity, especially in places like Minnesota where half the year we’re snowed in.  That’s when we’re supposed to be lazy, but it doesn’t seem like I am then either.

With that report I’m going to sign off and go to bed.  I hope the sleep is good because I have to be awake and pay attention for the next twelve weeks or so.  I’d probably sleep a lot better if I knew I could figure out this dang technology project.

I’ll keep you posted.

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Wordless Wednesday

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I’ve been going full steam ahead this month, as May is the most busy and event-filled month of my year.  Or so it seems.  I’m here to tell you have I nothing to tell you.  My days are filled with the day job, my evenings filled with things like melting wax, pressing bottle caps, and printing price tags.  That’s about it.

Every weekend of this month has something going on.  First there was Husby’s birthday, and then Mother’s Day, both celebrating wonderful people in my life.  This coming weekend is my first show of the year and the weekend after that is Memorial Day weekend, when I’ll be going to the family cottage (as will the majority of my family) for some hard labor and rest and relaxation. 

There is a graduation party in the near future as my nephew Fojo has successfully completed all of the requirements for a high school diploma.  Yay!  Then my mom will be celebrating her birthday and there will be more craft shows.  By that time it will be July.

Everyone always has something going on the weekend of the 4th, no?  I might make another trip to the family cottage where it’s possible we’ll celebrate my nephew Paenney’s twenty-first birthday.  Twenty-one!  The years are moving more swiftly than ever, and the months even swifter.  Another craft show, some more birthdays, and before I know it the Minnesota State Fair will be upon us.  And everyone knows the Minnesota State Fair is the last hurrah of the summer.

They say we should live in the moment.  Right now I have an entire summer ahead of me and from what I can tell there will be not one moment that isn’t occupied with something or other.  Once May is done, the busiest and craziest month of my year (causing my head to spin in several different directions), perhaps I’ll be able to pause to take a photo or two.  Maybe I’ll be able to take my laptop out on the back deck and clearly document what’s going on in the life of my business and of me.  I might be able to relish “the moment.” 

For now I anticipate and prepare for moments to come…crazily.

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