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Dream Date

Africa hot.  Yeah, that’s pretty much how it’s been around here the last couple of weeks.  When Husby and I came home from our mini-vacation in Door County we couldn’t believe how hot it was away from the lake breeze, and the heat has not relented since.

I’ve been thinking about our little getaway a lot and consider it a five-day date (even though there was some craft show working mixed in there).  What’s even better is considering the date within the five-day date.  The dream date.

My date awaits.

This is the pier right outside our favorite four-unit motel.  Lake Michigan spreads before it as far as the eye can see.  Such vastness is a setting for imagination, aspirations, and relaxed inhibitions.  Husby and I can sit on this pier for hours.

Drinking locally made wine out of plastic cups ~ doesn’t get any better than that.

The sun shone and the breeze off the lake was brisk.  We wore our long-sleeved shirts but felt all the glory of summertime.  As we watched the seagulls dive for their fishy snacks we reminisced about our childhoods and looked forward to our future.

As Hall and Oats said, “summer breeze, makes me feel fine.”

During these Africa hot days I can’t help but go back in my mind to our pier and feel the coolness of the lake and dream of the next time we return.

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