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At the beginning of the month I challenged myself to write thirty blog posts in thirty days.  Not only did I run out of steam, I also have fallen behind at reading the posts I love.  I’m a failure!

However, I’ll give myself some credit for writing twenty-seven posts in thirty days.  I’ll also give myself some slack because life happens and quite frankly, real life takes precedence over blog life, even though I may love both of them.

Here’s what happened:

  1.  Dad was sprung from the hospital after his hip replacement surgery and graduated to transitional care for more therapy.  Lots of advocating and visiting on my part, as well as my Mom’s and Charlotte’s part.  But yay, Dad’s hip is fixed!
  2.  Husby and I, for the first time in several years, had Thanksgiving dinner with other people.  Charlotte and her family, Pinky, Paenney and Fojo, who are usually out of town for the holiday, hosted the event and Husby and I contributed to the meal with some delicious sides to go with the delicious turkey and other sides Charlotte and her family made.
  3. The whole clan went to the rehab place to have pie and conversation with Mom and Dad.  I made the pies!  I fear making the pies, but they actually turned out pretty good.  Pumpkin (of course) and cherry.  OK, the cherry pie didn’t have a top crust like it was supposed to because I’m not completely awesome when it comes to pie (because I fear it), but both seemed to turn out okay.
  4. Friday: I had a craft show to attend on Black Friday.  Early Friday morning Husby discovered that our furnace wasn’t working correctly and he informed me that I would be “on your own” at the show.  I’ve never done a show without another person and the thought of me losing my roadie/muscle for this show kind of freaked me out.  But Husby had to stay around the house to greet the furnace fixing guy and make sure the furnace kept working properly after the fixing guy left.
  5. I aced setting up for the show and made great sales!  Thanks to the help of my friend Rebecca and her friend I got packed up and on my way home before midnight.
  6. Saturday:  Dad got sprung from rehab!  You go, Dad!  Charlotte and I assisted Mom with the transfer from the facility to home.  Charlotte and I also went to the cemetery to put a lovely Christmas swag (made by Charlotte) at our brother’s graveside.
  7. Sunday:  Laundry!  And picking up my house to make it seem like a home rather than a storage unit.  I checked in with Mom and Dad to make sure everything is going fine since Dad’s return home.  Husby set up and lit the first fire of the season in the fireplace.

So that brings us to today.  And you know what that is?  The second-to-last day I’ll be working at the day job.  My coworkers are taking me out to lunch and I’ll wrap up a bunch of stuff that still needs to get done before my departure.  Wow.  I can’t even believe it.

I might have been a failure with the blogging thing, but I think I’ve been pretty successful in all of the other things going on in my life.  The most important goals for me are to be 1) a good wife, 2) a good sister, 3) a good daughter, 4) a good friend, not in any particular order.  They’re all important to me.

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Eat Me – Gobble Gobble

May you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Eat!

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I, for one, am very put off by Black Friday. Screaming, fighting crowds, door busters, making the employees work on Thanksgiving…it’s just a bad, bad thing. OK, yeah, you can get some good deals, but is it really worth it? You know the sales are all about corporate America trying to, well, get into the black.

I’m all for America and also capitalism, but the chaos of Black Friday has gotten completely out of control. I know a place where you can go and do some Christmas shopping, support local artisans, not get mauled in the process, and have a family friendly experience in Small Town, U.S.A. If you live in the nearby area I suggest the Holiday At The Depot event, which is part of the Lighting Festival in Taylors Falls, MN.

It’s a small gathering of dedicated artists and crafters who offer their wares for sale. Not only that, they also offer free cider, coffee, and treats for the shoppers! You won’t get that at Walmart. The products are original, handmade, and of the utmost quality. There are painters, seamstresses, soap makers, chandlers, jewelers and more.

The arts are available in the depot on Friday, November 27 from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Come on by and stay for the parade and the lighting of the town at 6:00 p.m. If you aren’t in to seeing Santa after the parade you can stop by and visit with Husby and me ~ we’re both as jolly as St. Nick and will get you into the holiday spirit.

My thanks to those who make this event happen and everyone participating. It’s a marvelous way to kick off the holiday season – hope to see you there!

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There once were two women, confirmed hermits.  They treasured their time in their respective homes, relaxing in whatever way was comfortable for them.  They didn’t live alone, they each had a mate.  But for the most part, solitude was a luxury in which they partook as often as they could.

They’d known each other for a few years on a superficial basis, which after a while turned a bit more personal, not not entirely.  After all, they both relished their privacy.  But a circumstance motivated one of the hermits to initiate a social outing, including not only the two, but also their significant others.

The foursome got through the clumsy getting-to-know-you period, and after a very short time they were laughing and conversing as though they’d known each other forever.  Well, not quite forever, but it was clear they had a good rapport, the four of them.

After a number of hours together, outside of their homes, it was clear to one of the hermits that they could pursue an actual friendship.  Hermits with friends?  The hermit’s mind kind of blew wide open.  That same hermit’s significant other (who is also a confirmed hermit) believed that he too could partake in a social connection with these others.

Whether or not this foursome maintains a social connection is yet to be seen.  However, the lesson learned is that human beings, no matter how much they protect their privacy, no matter how much they relish their solitude, are social beings.

Thanks you, other hermit, for a most delightful evening.

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