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Have you ever had “tinglebutt?”  If you have, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t, they you’re the most put-together, non-anxious person around.

Tinglebutt is a manifestation of anxiety, excitement, anticipation, and other words that start with a vowel.  It’s a tingling sensation that starts in the gluteus maximus and may radiate down the upper thigh.  I suppose it’s kind of an adrenaline thing.

I had an episode of tinglebutt today because you see, in less than eight hours I’ll be jetting off to foreign lands.  I’ve never been to foreign lands that weren’t attached to my native land, so it’s kind of a big deal.  I’m not nervous about flying.  I’m not nervous about being in a foreign land.  I’m nervous that I haven’t packed everything, and nervous about not knowing where I packed what I packed.

Once I’m on the plane I’ll be fine because it will be a done deal.  If I missed anything I’ll have to spend some euros at the village drug store or boutique.

Euros?  Wow.  I’m going to Europe for the first time in my life in mere hours.  I’m grateful and thrilled to have Charlotte with me on this adventure, because my sister is my best friend and also the Travel Master.  I’m also grateful for Diggy who financed this trip for both of us.  I’ll be thinking of him a lot as we see the castles and cathedrals along the Rhine.

I might be posting pictures here, so stay tuned.  There will probably be updates on Facebook. But who knows? I might be too in-the-moment to interface my vacation. (Sorry for using a noun as a verb – I hate that.)

So, off I go, living life to the fullest, living the dream.

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A Grand Voyage

About ten years ago Diggy suggested that he, Charlotte and I take a sibling trip to Europe. Nine years ago Diggy died unexpectedly and the sibling trip to Europe became just a memory of something we talked about.

Diggy bequeathed part of his estate to me, and eight years after his death I said to Charlotte, “Let’s go.” For nearly a year we’ve been anticipating a river cruise on the Rhine, inspired by Diggy and financed with his generous parting gift to me.

Rhine River

Yes, for nearly a year Charlotte and I have had the date set for our European adventure, but it’s only now that it’s starting to become real to me.  We leave in mere days and I can’t remember a time when I’ve been so excited and nervous to take a vacation.  Excited because I’ll see so many things I’ve only read about and seen pictures of, and nervous because I’m not a seasoned traveler.

Marksburg Castle

Luckily Charlotte is more experienced and is gifted when it comes to preparing for trips like this.  I’d still be stuck like a deer in headlights (which I pretty much was until a few days ago) if I didn’t have her to walk me through all the details of traveling abroad.  She even gave me a spreadsheet of things to pack.  She loves spreadsheets.

Cologne Cathedral

It’s going to be an adventure of great proportions.  We’ll be thinking of Diggy a lot, and I’m sure he’ll be with us in spirit while Charlotte and I take our grand voyage on the Rhine.

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It’s a busy, busy time. I’ve been pouring and gluing and cutting and beading.  Usually I’m busy like this a lot earlier in the season, but this year my first show is this weekend, about a month later than usual.  I skipped a festival or two in June, but that’s another blog post.

Right now I have my sights set on the Cannon Falls Wine and Art Festival.  I’ve shown at this festival for three years and historically it’s been lucrative and a whole lot of fun.  From a vendor’s point of view the event is impeccably organized, and from an attendee’s point of view it’s a relaxing day filled with wine tastings, food, music, and of course the wares of dozens (and dozens!) of artisans.

Also historically, this coming weekend is one of the hottest of the year. We’re anticipating temperatures in the 90s (that’s Fahrenheit), with the added excitement of a chance of hot summer rain/storm. No matter, a festival is a festival (defined as gaiety, revelry, merrymaking) despite what Mother Nature decides to dish out. Party on!

Just because I’ve been dialing it back on the shows this year don’t get the idea that I’m losing interest. Never! It’s just that I’ve got a few things going on this year that are taking up my energy and attention, things of which I’ll probably discuss in future posts. It’s a time of change at the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters, as well as a time for new adventures. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you’re anywhere within a 100-mile radius of Cannon Falls, Minnesota come to the Cannon Falls Wine & Art Festival on July 18-19. You’ll have a blast!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Hello!  I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve talked to you all!  I’m so behind in keeping up with the happenings at the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters, both professionally and personally.  But as we all know Blog Time isn’t necessarily the same as Real Time, so whatever I post will be appreciated no matter how far behind it is, right?

Enough with the time tricks and riddles.  Husby and I spent a marvelous evening out for his birthday.  Okay, so his birthday was way back in May, but you can’t fault me for giving him the gift of an experience (rather than a ‘thing’) which took place over a month following his actual birthday.  Here are two things you have to know before you can appreciate the gift I gave him.

1.  Husby was raised in a family that loved musicals.  South Pacific is his favorite, but he can sing and/or quote many musical productions, especially those produced in the ’50s and ’60.

2.  Husby loves baseball.  OK, maybe he isn’t a die-hard fan like some other people you may know, but he enjoys keeping up with the scores and listening to or watching a game or two on the radio or TV, and loves to see a game in person now and again.  (Note to self – take Husby to a Saint’s game, he would love it.)

What would be a better present for this man than a musical production about baseball?!  I bought tickets to Damn Yankees –  a musical about baseball!  We gussied up and trotted to downtown St. Paul for an evening of dining and theater.

We began our night at Kincaid’s with a cocktail (or two) and an appetizer to share – a platter of melt-in-your-mouth steak bites, coconut shrimp, and crab-artichoke dip with delectable bread.  We felt absolutely glam with the service and food provided to us.

Afterwards we took the short walk across Rice Park to the Ordway Theater for the Performing Arts and settled in for an evening of great fun.

The pre-theater appetizers were to die for, the play was outstanding, and on our walk back to the parking ramp we were serenaded by a festival of sorts in Rice Park with live music.  All in all it was a glamorous evening in the city.

Happy birthday to Husby!

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