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My 56th 1st

Toward the end of October in Minnesota it’s hard to tell what the weather will do.

Twin Cities, MN, October 31, 1991

We haven’t seen the likes of the Halloween Blizzard of 1991 since, but once again I want everyone to know that I SHOWED UP TO WORK THAT DAY!  My diligence to my employer, the State of MN who did NOT announce a snow emergency that day, is to be applauded.  *Applaud here*

While I don’t expect this October 27th snowfall to turn out to be of blizzard proportions, it will be marked as the 56th first snowfall of my life.  It’s been snowing all day long, and the flakes keep getting bigger and bigger as the day wears on.  First snowfalls are always celebrated by me, if only in my heart.

One of our spirea shrubs, starting to droop with the heavy snow.

There’s so much to complain about with the coming of winter.  Shoveling snow, icy roads, ice dams in the gutters…but for all the trouble I love wintertime.  It’s second only to autumn which boasts its colors and shifted sunlight which makes everything outdoors look more beautiful, like candlelight accentuates a woman’s beauty.  OK, a man’s handsomeness too .

Winter marks hibernation, a regrouping of oneself.  Its cold and stark atmosphere appeals to me, especially when I can bask in front of a toasty fire while eating hot soups and stews.

Husby’s potted spruce trees in what used to be his vegetable patch during the spring and summer.

The snow we get today will probably melt before long; temperatures will rise to the 40s (F) in the very near future.  But that won’t negate the first snowfall, October 27th, 2017.  My 56th 1st.

A small lilac bush.

While the wind blows and the snow falls I’m cozy in my house with a candle burning.  The candle’s scent is Tall Grass, which I expect I won’t be smelling naturally for quite a few months.  Winter is creeping in, and my nesting instincts are aroused.

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Winter Time

If it’s winter in Minnesota most likely snow will be involved.  One day I noticed snow like I’d never seen before.  It took me a while to decide if  giant snowflakes had fallen from the sky, or tiny little stars.  I guess they could be considered both.  I was so amazed at this unusual snowfall I took some pictures, although I couldn’t really do the flakes justice with my camera.  They just took my breath away.



Snow comes in so many forms.  It can be wet and sloppy, falling to the earth like tiny, little water balloons.  It can be nearly invisible, whirling in the wind and accumulating faster than one could imagine.  It can be as dreamy as a snow globe or as horrendous as the worst blizzard.  In all of my years in Minnesota I’ve never seen snowflakes like these.  They’ve probably been there, but I just didn’t notice.  I’m glad I noticed this time.


Winter time.  How wonderful.

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April Showers

The crocuses have been pushing their leaves out of the ground, and what do they get for their efforts?  An April SNOW shower.  Poor things.

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