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Buy It Friday is a nice addition to Auntie B’s blogging adventures. Not only does it give me the opportunity to show some of my fabulous products, it gives you the chance to buy those products directly from this site.  Just click the “Pay With PayPal” button and pay with your PayPal account or a credit card.  Easy Peasy!

OK, I have to say I might have outdid myself finding the best floral fragrance ever with my all-natural palm wax candles. Jasmine. I came across it by accident, but now feel like it was a message from the universe: Auntie B, you need to share jasmine with the rest of the world.

Image result for yellow jasmine flowers


Not only is the fragrance amazing, the flower/plant (I’m not a horticulturalist) is so diverse. Check out what Wikipedia has to say about it…

Jasmine can be either deciduous (leaves falling in autumn) or evergreen (green all year round), and can be erect, spreading, or climbing shrubs and vines. Their leaves are born, opposite or alternate. They can be simple, trifoliate, or pinnate. The flowers are typically around 2.5 cm (0.98 in) in diameter. They are white or yellow in color, although in rare instances they can be slightly reddish. The flowers are borne in cymose clusters with a minimum of three flowers, though they can also be solitary on the ends of branchlets. Each flower has about four to nine petals, two locules, and one to four ovules. They have two stamens with very short filaments. The bracts are linear or ovate. The calyx is bell-shaped. They are usually very fragrant.  ~ Wikipedia

Did you read that last sentence?  “They are usually very fragrant.”  Yes, yes they are.  And I’ve got that fragrance captured in this lovely set of four votive candles for your enjoyment.


If you’ve experienced a prolonged winter in your area you’ll love this breath of springtime in your home.  If not, well, you’ll still enjoy the fresh fragrance of jasmine.  It’s perfect for any home, in any climate, in any season, anywhere in the world.


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Buy It Friday is a nice addition to Auntie B’s blogging adventures. Not only does it give me the opportunity to show some of my fabulous products, it gives you the chance to buy those products directly from this site. Win-win!

It’s February, and for people like me in the midwest portions of the United States we’re ready for some springtime.  It won’t be long.  As much as I love the solace of winter, about now I long for the fragrant coming of spring.

To get myself in the mood for certain occasions and seasons I like to burn candles.  Yep, I’ve got a lot of them at my disposal, because well, I put the “wax” in Auntie B’s Wax.

I never sell anything I don’t like, but one of my favorite candle fragrances is Freesia.  It is so springtime.

These votives have a nice lavender color and are so freshly scented you’ll think you have a bouquet of flowers in the room.

You can have a set of four votive candles that will brighten up those gloomy winter blahs with their wonderfully sweet floral fragrance.  Just click on the link below and springtime is all yours.

Freesia ~ Four Palm Wax Votives

Votive candles are a great alternative to bigger pillar candles. One votive in a small room or a few scattered around a larger room will refresh with wonderful aroma and will also add ambiance. When you place these votives in a suitable container they can last from 12-18 hours. Palm wax makes a fantastic candle for so many reasons. It is eco-friendly ~ refined from the fruit of the oil palm tree ~ natural, biodegradable, and sustainable. It is naturally one of the hardest waxes available, which means it will burn longer than softer waxes and your candle won’t sag if stored in hot temperatures or even while burning. Dimensions: 1.75” (4.44 cm) diameter X 2” (5.08 cm) height. Price includes shipping within the U.S. only. If you’re outside the U.S. and would like to purchase, please contact me at auntiebswax4u@yahoo.com and I’ll provide an adjusted price.



Auntie B has many other things for sale in the Etsy shop. You can also seem me in person at these venues.

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Eye Of The Beholder

Husby says it’s a weed.  I say it’s beautiful.

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Wordless Wednesday

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A Child’s Vision
by Alfred Noyes

Under the sweet-peas I stood
And drew deep breaths, they smelt so good.
Then, with strange enchanted eyes,
I saw them change to butterflies.

Higher than the skylark sings
I saw their fluttering crimson wings
Leave their garden-trellis bare
And fly into the upper air.

Standing in an elfin trance
Through the clouds I saw them glance….
Then I stretched my hands up high
And touched them in the distant sky.

At once the coloured wing came back
From wandering in the zodiac.
Under the sweet-peas I stood
And drew deep breaths. They smelt so good.

Sweet Pea Candle at Auntie B’s Wax

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