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The sun is beginning to set.  Through the wooden blinds of my window I see golden-orange clouds against the blue sky.  Soon I’ll see nothing through the blinds but the reflection of the Christmas tree on the window.  The tree will stand for one more night, for tomorrow it will be unadorned, its twinkling lights and shiny ornaments put away until next year.

The Christmas season isn’t officially over until Monday, but there are no more events for the season this year.  We had our last bouts of entertaining and being entertained.  There are leftovers in the fridge that will serve us several evenings of dinner and cookies, oh the cookies, will make the evenings sweet into the first month of this new year.  The cold, dark, quite winter is setting in.

It was a good Christmas, as they all usually are.  Everyone in my little world is healthy, although I miss Diggy and his bow-bedecked head.  Sometimes I still wonder what I will give him for Christmas.  There were reminiscences of Christmases past and hearty celebration of the present season.  It’s hard to wait a whole year to the Christmas yet to come, but it’s there, shining in the distance, and for that I’m grateful.  I think a life should be measured by how many Christmases it has experienced.

So off we go into a new year with all of its promises and secrets.  Here we go again, on a year-long veture to the next Christmas.

Husby’s beautiful five-blossom amaryllis

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