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And Then Came Covid

Not long after the Witch cast her spell on me, I was in the car with Charlotte, going to a back-to-back hair appointment with our favorite dresser. Charlotte and I discussed a deadly virus finding its way around the world. It was January, 2020.

In less than three months Corona Virus hit the United States and non-essential activities became a thing of the past. Non-essential. What is that? Haircuts? Shopping at Michael’s? Going to the library or Barnes & Noble? Out to dinner with Husby once in a while? Groceries and medical assistance are “essential,” I decided. Health and safety. So I complied by undertaking my own quarantine, for my good and the good of society in general. I’ve been complying for over a year now.

Back in March, 2020 I knew the pandemic wasn’t going to end any time soon. As a result, the spell cast by the Witch three months prior had been fueled by The Virus, taking the spell into a much deeper dimension, aka, depression. I’m kind of a hermit anyway, but when a deadly pandemic (or anything/anyone else) tells me I can’t do something, I get antsy. Of course I want to keep myself and everyone around me safe, but the restraints became annoying.

I haven’t had a haircut since that day in January, 2020. Haircuts are non-essential. And my cute, curly bob hairdo has turned into a ball of frizz due to my tying my ever-growing hair back with clips and binders. My spirits sank deeper as the months of quarantine wore on. And my hair, well, it’s not boding well to this day.

At least I’m COVID-free…so far.

Stay safe out there, still.

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