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Real cowboys always wear Wranger jeans. And everyone knows girls go nuts for Wrangler butts.

The Cowboys drink charms have been a top seller since I started making them and are popular with men and women alike.  At one craft show there was a boy about fourteen or fifteen years old with a set of the Cowboys drink charms in his hands, looking thoughtfully at all the images.  His mom wondered why he was so interested in them.  He looked at her and said “I’m going to buy these for Grandma – she loves cowboys!”  I guess even grandmas go nuts for Wrangler butts.  Party on, partner!

Find the Cowboys Drink Charms Set of 6 at Auntie B’s Wax. If they’re sold out let me know – I can make more! Click the pic to fly to the listing in my Etsy shop.

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Do you remember Tiger Beat magazine?  I never bought a copy but would look at it when I was buying candy at Reed’s Drug Store.  Tiger Beat was (and still is from what I understand) all about teen idols, music, and fashion aimed primarily teenage girls.  Back in my day the popular heart throbs on the cover of Tiger Beat were Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, and Donny Osmond.  Which one of those was your favorite?

I was more of a John Denver fan myself, but nothing beat the coolness of the David Cassidy and The Partridge Family.  Remember that show?  I didn’t really think Keith Partridge was that dreamy, but I though Laurie was just about the coolest with her long straight hair.  Of course Shirley was the best mom in the whole world, always knowing what to do.  And when they were performing she always dressed like Austin Powers.

Why oh why couldn’t my family be that groovy and travel around in a painted school bus to sing at Holiday Inns around the country?  Well, a young girl dreams. 

Now that I’m not so young The Partridge Family adorns my wine glasses once in a while.  A set of Partridge Family drink charms are available in my Etsy shop for you too!  If you really want to go all out, pair them up with a set of The Brady Bunch charms and you’ll have the most far-out party ever!

Come on!  They’re all so sappy they’re cool!  These charms are a retro gift any child of the ’70s would love.  See you at the shop!

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Ever heard the phrase guilty pleasure?  Of course you have.  I’ll be you even have one or two.  Lately I’ve been hearing about TV shows being a guilty pleasure, mostly those reality shows like Real Housewives or The Bachelor.  To me there is nothing “real” about those types of shows and frankly I have no time for them.  My guilty pleasure is on another channel.

Every Saturday at 6:00 p.m. I tune into MeTV to watch something even more unreal than reality TV ~ the original Batman series.

Don’t judge me.

Totally unreal but more hysterical than you could ever imagine.  I remember watching Batman when I was a kid, but these days it’s even better because they show two episodes back-to-back.  The first episode ends with a cliffhanger and the conclusion immediately follows.  I don’t have to wait for a week to tune in “same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.”  What’s better than that?

I’ll tell you what’s better.  I offer some really fun Batman drink charms in my shop.  And not that angsty, dark Batman you see on the big screen these days ~ it’s the totally schmaltzy Batman of ’60s TV.  Because I love nostalgia.

Holy Merlot, Batman!

All of your favorites! Batman, Robin, Cat Woman, Joker, Penguin, & Riddler

It’s a little embarrassing to admit I spend Saturday nights with the Caped Crusaders. Maybe I’ve got a weird affinity for men in tights. Or a fascination with things like the Bat Computer, Bat Ropes, Bat Spray, and Bat Pills. Most likely I like to watch shows from my childhood and wonder how it is I turned out to be a functioning member of society growing up with such ridiculous influences.

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By now everyone’s heard the news that Davy Jones, age 66, has died.

Are you kidding me?!

I’ve always been a Monkees fan.  I remember, when I was just a young girl in the late ’60s, seeing a commercial on TV advertising a Monkees double album set.  I knew I had to have it.  I also knew my mother would never approve of spending that much money on record albums much less through the mail.  So secretly I met with Charlotte and we gathered enough of our little savings and mailed CASH through the mail to receive our Monkees records.  I wonder if those records are still somewhere in my mom and dad’s house?  If they are I know they have a lot of wear as Charlotte and I listened to them a lot.  I also know you cannot stop a starry-eyed, pre-teen girl from having her heart’s desire, so sneaking behind my mom’s back to get the albums was definitely forgivable.

Davy Jones.  Boy he was a heart-throb, huh?  Yep, I thought he was pretty groovy, but I wasn’t the only one.  Marsha Brady was way more in love with him than I ever was.  She promised her entire school that he would be at her prom because he responded to her fan mail!  I thought that episode of The Brady Bunch, where Davy Jones makes an appearance, was just about the coolest.  I saw that episode on a rerun not too long ago.  (Yes, I will watch The Brady Bunch whenever I can because they’re just so, well, far-out!)  I noticed this time around that Davy’s manager in the show was completely head-over-heels for Davy, giving him dreamy eyes and everything.  He even got a little jealous when Marsha came in to the recording studio and kicked her out, knowing that Davy would give his affections to her if he caught a glimpse.  Tres funny!

Well that just goes to show Davy Jones was a dreamboat to everyone.  True, he died before any of us were ready for it, but he left behind many a fluttering heart and a small contribution to the music world.  RIP, Davy.  You made me a believer.

P.S.  If this post got you thinking about the Brady Bunch, be sure to check out the ultra groovy Brady Bunch drink charms available in my shop.

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Confession: Reality TV does nothing for me.  I mean the kind of reality TV that matches millionaires with “regular” people, focuses on “real” housewives, or presents competitions to find the next singing sensation.  I don’t have time to get caught up in the drama, and frankly, I think watching people beg for fame by exploiting their “real” lives is not entertaining to me.  When I want entertainment I turn to movies.

In the midst of my day-to-day life I occasionally want to just escape. What better way to do that than to lose myself in a story on the big screen, or with a DVD on the little screen for that matter?  I can get the whole story in less than three hours, which is just about the amount of time I have to spare.

For lots of people (maybe you?) the Academy Awards is the only reality TV that makes any sense.  Every year when this awards ceremony rolls around I can’t help but think about the glamor of old Hollywood.  Can anyone today really come close to the dashing Cary Grant?  Is anyone as elegant and beautiful as Grace Kelly?

If you like to throw an annual Academy Awards party, I have something that will make your event a smash.  Charm your guests with Auntie B’s Wax’s Movie Stars drink charms.  They’re perfect for the theme of your party and pay homage to the golden age of Hollywood.  Sip your wine or cocktails with the dazzling stars that made Hollywood great.  When your guests aren’t talking about the current nominees, they’ll look to their charms and reminisce.  There’s no way your party can miss!

You can find these charms and others at Auntie B’s Wax.  Easier still, just click on the pictures.

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