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The Bad Jokes Feet Play

As much as I love the season of ice and snow there are two things that make it a little difficult.  Ice and snow.

On his daily trek to get the mail, carefully walking on the icy road in front of our house, Husby’s feet decided to slide out from under him and down the rest of him went.  It’s a trick our feet like to play in the winter ~ no matter how careful we are once in a while they’re in the mood for a little slapstick, making us a laughing stock to any neighbors looking out their windows at the time while simultaneously hurting the rest of our body.

Husby landed on a hand, then elbow, then face.  Poor thing.

Yikes! A nice little gash, some very colorful bruising and a lot of puffiness. Nice work, feet.

He says he’s okay, it’s not bad, he’s had worse.  Pfft, I say.  I immediately checked his pupils for signs of a head injury and although he said everything was fine he assured me he’d summon me to take him to the emergency room if necessary.

When people ask what happened Husby will respond, “you should see the other guy!”

Husby is indeed just fine, suffering only from soreness on the arm on which he landed.  His eye never got so puffy that he couldn’t see out of it.  The thing is, we both kind of hope that cut leaves a scar, because nothing says sexy like the remnants of a battle, even if that battle was with ice and snow.

** Update** Today the bruising as traveled to Husby’s lower eye lid.  His eye looks like a big, red Christmas ornament.  Ho ho ho!

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Africa Hot

It’s Minnesota State Fair time and it’s hot.  Africa hot.

Husby and I took a little drive down to St. Paul to visit the fair today and we couldn’t believe how stifling the heat and humidity was. It didn’t stop hardcore fair goers though. Hardcores like us.

Man, it was hot.

We got there around 9:00 a.m.  It was hot.

It only got hotter.


We were sitting across from Steichen’s eating our delicious turkey sandwiches.  No, not your sliced turkey on bread turkey sandwiches.  Deep fried turkey, shredded, moist and delicious, on a bun, with a little bit of barbecue sauce for me and Cajun seasoning for Husby.  Yum.  So we’re eating our sandwiches on the ledge across from Steichen’s.  Don’t know Steichen’s?

Steichen’s is the fairgrounds’ grocery store.  They sell everything.  So we see this couple going into Steichen’s.  Remember, it’s hot.  Africa hot.  A few minutes later we see the couple coming out of Steichen’s, the woman had a three-pound bag of ice balanced on top of her head.

She had the genius idea of the day.  Because I’m telling you, it was hot.  It was so worth walking around with a bag of ice on your head.


Africa hot.

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The snow keeps coming here in Minnesota, but because it’s March it’s kind of melty.  With melty snow comes icicles.  I know, icicles aren’t desireable to a lot of home owners, but I think they’re one of the prettiest occurances nature gives.

Red Cranberries in Winter Ice on Etsy by WhitesideHollow

Icicles 8 X 10 Photograph on Etsy by pixelstarphotography

Icicle Sunset on Etsy by MillinPhotography

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Wordless Wednesday

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