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Africa Hot

It’s Minnesota State Fair time and it’s hot.  Africa hot.

Husby and I took a little drive down to St. Paul to visit the fair today and we couldn’t believe how stifling the heat and humidity was. It didn’t stop hardcore fair goers though. Hardcores like us.

Man, it was hot.

We got there around 9:00 a.m.  It was hot.

It only got hotter.


We were sitting across from Steichen’s eating our delicious turkey sandwiches.  No, not your sliced turkey on bread turkey sandwiches.  Deep fried turkey, shredded, moist and delicious, on a bun, with a little bit of barbecue sauce for me and Cajun seasoning for Husby.  Yum.  So we’re eating our sandwiches on the ledge across from Steichen’s.  Don’t know Steichen’s?

Steichen’s is the fairgrounds’ grocery store.  They sell everything.  So we see this couple going into Steichen’s.  Remember, it’s hot.  Africa hot.  A few minutes later we see the couple coming out of Steichen’s, the woman had a three-pound bag of ice balanced on top of her head.

She had the genius idea of the day.  Because I’m telling you, it was hot.  It was so worth walking around with a bag of ice on your head.


Africa hot.

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