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Do you remember the circus parades?  Me neither.  They haven’t been around for a while, but I bet they were pretty spectacular.  When the circus was in town all the animals, clowns and performers would sashay down the streets enticing the town’s people to come to the big top for the greatest show on earth.

I thought about the circus parade when I was listing some new items in my Etsy shop.  I don’t have any ringmasters or clowns in the shop right now (hopefully in the future!), but the animals are kind of fun.  Take a look…


This is Eddie.  I love his little Shriner’s hat and dancing eyes. 

This is Dapper Cat.  He’s very serious with his cigar and top hat.

May I introduce Sir Chimp.  He’s got flowers for his date.

Happy Hippo loves to do a soft-shoe.  And those vertical stripes are very slimming.

Meet Butler Piggy.  He’s happy to serve a cocktail any time of day.

How’s that for a circus parade?!  Well, an animal parade at least.  They would all look charming on a refrigerator, don’t you think? 

If you’re in the mood for something a little more surreal or slightly off-color, be sure to check out Walken The Dog and Hollywood Bitches

Come on over and see the dozens of items I have in my shop.  If you didn’t know already, gift-giving season is upon us.  Yay!

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The busy season is upon me.  I know, because it’s dark before 9:00 p.m. and the blistering hot temperatures are starting to run out of steam.

I’ve been in the crafty business for a while now, and I’m still not used to the fact that I have to be ahead of the busy season.  That means thinking about Christmas in June.   That means getting seasonal products out for sale at least six weeks before the season is actually here.

This year I’m sort of getting the hang of it.  For instance, I’m going to be putting my Halloween bottle cap magnets in shops next week.  That includes my Etsy shop.  I’ll be listing them a little at a time throughout a couple of weeks.  They’re really cute!  Here’s a sample of what you’ll see:

Many of my holiday magnets are inspired by vintage post cards. Why not stop by the shop and check them out. If you’d like a bunch of them be sure to find the listing for six or twelve magnets of your choice and get a great deal.

“Like” me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to get all the up-to-the-minute listings.

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After an especially aggravating day I sat on my little corner of the couch, wishing for a vacation.  I don’t think I’ll be taking a true vacation any time soon, as craft show season is sneaking up faster that I imagined it would.  With that thought a small smile came to my face.  Craft show season ~ it’s like lots of mini vacations for Husby and me.

I usually get antsy around March and April having been away from the circuit for several months.  This year March and April were occupied with the care and vigil of Husby’s dad so the ants in my pants were kept at bay, my mind on more pressing matters.  Now that the dust has settled and things are returning to normal the eagerness to get out to these en plein air shows and festivals is overwhelming me.  I’m totally ready to get on the road again.

The first show I do is the Chateau St. Croix Winery and Vineyard Fete Des Fleurs ~ a festival celebrating the blooming of the grape vines.  Husby and I have returned to this event for several years as it has become one of our favorite venues.

The winery inspired my grape-themed bottle cap magnets.  They’re available at the show and in my Etsy shop.  Each is charming in its own way and depict delicious wine at its infancy.

Bottle Cap Magnet ~ Grapes

Bottle Cap Magnet ~ Artsy Grapes

Bottle Cap Magnet ~ Juicy Grapes

Bottle Cap Magnet ~ Vintage Grapes

No, I don’t see a typical vacation in my near future, but I sure am looking forward to spending some time meeting festival goers and revisiting old friends.  A working vacation, as it were.  But  like they say, it isn’t work if you love it.  Bring on the shows…I’m ready.

If you’d like to visit some of the great events and festivals on my summer route you can find information on the 2012 Events tab at the top of this page.  The page will be updated as shows are added to my schedule. 

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Everyone should have a pal.  A pal is different than a friend.  I can’t really explain how it’s different, it just is.

You know how you might have one friend you can tell some things to, and another friend you can tell other things to, but you’d never dream of telling the first thing to the second friend or the second thing to the first friend?  You can tell anything to a pal.  Anything.  No filters, just complete trust.

Everyone needs a pal, even if it is a different species.

A pal is faithful. A pal is loyal. A pal will tell you when you have spinach in your teeth or if your skirt is tucked into your pantyhose. A pal will act foolish around you, and you can be foolish too.

The best thing? A pal is a pal for life. Who’s your pal?


The adorable bottle cap magnet is available in my shop. Give it to a pal.

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Who drank the Haterade?!  Hatey McHaterson, that’s who!

There’s no reason to feel so poorly, Mr. McHaterson.  Oh, I know you don’t think you’re “poorly,” but really you are.  You wouldn’t be so Hatey if you weren’t poorly.

Hatey McHaterson at Auntie B's Wax

You scowl at people in the elevator and you shake your fist at drivers on the highway.  You roll your eyes when people talk to you and huff and puff when you think you’re smarter than anyone in the whole, wide world.

Why can’t you be more like your neighbor, Shouting Guy?  Sure he shouts, but he’s so good-natured no one cares if he rattles the rafters or startles children right out of their wits.  He loves everyone, and everyone loves him.

Shouting Guy at Auntie B's Wax

Alas, Hatey McHaterson is perfectly happy being Hatey.  Oh well, he must be doing something right if he’s famous enough to have his picture on a bottle cap magnet in Auntie B’s shop.

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