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You know how humdrum the days can be.  Routines done on autopilot, day-to-day activities that might drain you of your resources – that’s life.  When you have some dying trees in your back yard that need immediate attention, you have to step out of everyday life.  Because there’s nothing humdrum or routine about having tree guys on the scene.

Husby and I have a boatload of poplars lining our back yard.  Poplars have a lifespan of about thirty years.  Our poplars were planted when the house was built in 1989.  They’re dying.  And dead.  The deads had to go lest we or any of our neighbors get a sixty-foot tree laying on our houses at the next wind storm.  We called Maximum Tree Service and Landscaping.**  And then the excitement began…

We had seven trees to be removed, all dead, and this mighty piece of equipment made everyone’s job a little easier.

The little thing is a mechanical genius, and the operator is a human genius. A powerful piece of equipment has never before been so effective. Love the BoXer.

And then there are the humans who make the whole tree removal thing seem easy.  It’s dangerous, it involves physics and smarts, and most of all, these guys have guts.

Even the ground guys like to watch the climber do his thing. I was in complete awe. I want a pair of those spiky boots.


And then tree climber guy is hanging/working above the roofs and most of the tree tops. He’s not even scared. I asked him.

The high climber was indeed a sight to behold not only for me and Husby, but for our neighbors as well.


OK, so the climber is a pretty amazing character.  But the ground crew is equally impressive.  They spotted, sawed, and hauled with choreography rarely seen outside a concert hall.

Not a smidgen of damage done to the surrounding trees, fence, or other obstacles in the yard.




It made a lot of noise, but I think it’s fun to watch a chipper in action…from a distance.


Not only did they take down the trees with ease, they cleaned up the fallen branches, logs, and trunks of the trees perfectly.  I was incredibly impressed with the fact that they even blew and gathered the sawdust on the lawn and cleaned up sticks in the neighbor’s yard.  And in the street!


What a relief to have those seven dead trees out of the yard, threatening to hurl branches or fall down completely during an upcoming summer storm.  It was a fun morning for Husby and me, and an exciting show for our neighbors too.  No complaints and a little conversing with friends over the fence – fun for all!

Thanks, Tree Guys.  You’re all awesome!

**This is not a solicited post.  I highly recommend this company; however, all of the information given and photos taken are for my own enjoyment and satisfaction.


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You might know by now that Auntie B’s Wax products can be found in a shop or two around town.  It’s so cool to be included in shops that contain the works of some of the best artisans around.

This month the White Bear Lake Magazine did an article featuring The Farmer’s Daughter.  This shop is the best, the owners are geniuses at how to run a business and treat their artisans and patrons with love and respect.  I’m proud to be a part of this great shop in White Bear Lake.

Carrie and Lynn, owners of The Farmer’s Daughter in White Bear Lake, MN. Photo credit: Tate Carlson

Auntie B’s Wax has a bunch of stuff for sale in this shop, and even more thrilling terrifying is that Carrie and Lynn asked me to be one of the artisans interviewed for the magazine article.  The interviewer was great, the fact-checker was kind of scary (did I really say those things?!) and the final printing made me look kind of, well, artistic.  I’m sheepish and humble about the whole thing, but deep, deep inside I’m pretty proud.

If you’re ever in White Bear Lake, check out The Farmer’s Daughter.  They have a shop full of really fun gifts, and even more importantly things you’ll need in your own life.  The shop itself is welcoming, the owners and staff are friendly and helpful, and the items for sale, well, they’re just wonderful…if I may say so myself.

See the article here.


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At the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters springtime poses a bit of a dilemma.  On one hand I love to tackle the spring cleaning chores.  Deep cleaning.  Thorough cleaning.  The kind of cleaning that takes a few weeks to accomplish.  On the other hand a lot of my crafting projects clutter up the house.

Tidiness facilitates cleaning projects, crafting projects thwart tidiness.

I’m in a constant state of conflict trying deciding what should take priority.

For example, creating drink charms involves this…

…and this…


Mr. Henry Hedgehog likes to keep an eye on things.

Luckily the candle creations occur in Craftland, far away from the living spaces I want to deep clean.  Craftland never gets a deep clean, but while wax is cooling in the molds I try to straighten up the area and keep things organized.  Multi-tasking, man.

Creating, tidying and deep cleaning keeps me busy in the spring.  Also kind of makes me mental.  With my shoulder to the wheel those deep cleaning projects will be completed and I’ll feel so accomplished.  Or maybe, as is the case many years, the ammonia, rags and mops will become forgotten before I’ve finished spring cleaning the entire house and my attention will focus on bottle caps, fragrance oils and wicks.

Either way, everything will get done in time.  I hope.


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It’s Time

Hello – it’s April!  Do you know what that means? Spring cleaning!

I know, the Spring Cleaning is a ritual that is pretty out of date and I don’t know of many people who engage in this utterly satisfying practice, but this year I’m going to hit it to the hilt.  I hope.

If you don’t participate in this yearly ritual, think again.  Murphy’s Oil Soap is a lovely fragrance to have hanging around your house and gets rid of all of those sticky wooden surfaces.  Hand rails, cupboards – they totally need a cleaning!

I have a plan this year, but it’s anyone’s guess if I complete it.  I started with my beloved East Wing room.  It’s not really a “wing,” but I’ve named all of the rooms in my house that that’s what “my” room is called.  I tackled the closet of the East Wing and this is what I’ve emptied out so far…

That’s not even all of it!  The closet is your standard-sized closet, plus a little extra but  nothing like a walk,in and this is what came out of it.  Ack!

Those file folders on the ride side of the photo?  Business records.  I spent over two hours going through those, getting rid of at least six years of paper.  Some of it went into the recycle bin, the majority of it went into a container saved to burn.  That’s right, burn.  And for anyone reading who cares, the burning materials are staple free.  Yes, head of the family cottage, there will be no staples in the burning barrel!  (You’re welcome, Dad.)

A few hours later everything was sorted and consolidated and organized and put back into the closet, or sent out for disposal.  It doesn’t take a huge amount of time to attack a spring cleaning project, and the reward is so fabulous.  You’ll feel like a hero.  You’ll feel like a super-hero.  You’ll feel like, dare I say, a god(dess)!

There are several more spring cleaning projects in store at the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters.  I realize my house cleaning practices aren’t very interesting to anyone other than me, but my pride necessitates a post to encourage domestic goddesses everywhere.  Clean up that wood work!  Vacuum that furniture!  Launder those window draperies!  Put on that first t-shirt of the year (in Minnesota at least), open the windows and let the fresh air in while you scrub away the dirt and grime of the previous year.

Oh sure, it’s all going to get dirty again because, well, you live in your house.  You fry food, you burn fires in the fireplace, you touch stuff.  That’s no reason to ignore the most satisfying cleaning experience of your life.

And plus, don’t forget to polish those windows, inside and out.  You won’t regret it.

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