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Wordless Wednesday

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Creative time.  Tax time.  Time to make those computers and printers work for what they cost.

I’ve been working on a big drop-off for The Farmer’s Daughter.  I’ve got dozens of magnets and dozens of candles for the owners to stock their shelves.  I’m in the home stretch, ready to send an e-mail to the owners telling them I’ll be coming by tomorrow with the motherload of product.

Oops, I ran out of burning instruction labels, and I also misspelled Patchouli on the front candle labels.  No worries, I’ll just print some more.  Except all of a sudden my laptop doesn’t recognize my printer.

Hello, I introduced you two years ago.  Why do you ignore each other?  Did one of you do something to make the other angry?

I’m not angry at either of you.  I love you, my darling laptop, and you, my trusty printer.  In the threesome we have going here I’d say you, Printer, are causing the most trouble.  I need you, trusty printer!  Forget about whatever gripes you have with the laptop.  Perform for me!  I’m the one you love!  I’m the one who needs you!

I tried to stay calm and be understanding.  I clicked everything I could to help the printer along, but to no avail.  The stubborn little booger wouldn’t budge.  There will be no printing tonight.  There will be no product drop-off at the store tomorrow.

Do you ever find yourself in a situation and the perfect song comes into your head to reflect that moment?  It happens to me all the time.  When I realized my printer wasn’t going to help me my mind starting singing a song from 1979.  It’s like I was trying to get my printer to feel sorry for me and work for me, via telekinesis.

Printer, you left me, just when I needed you most.  Please come back.

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This time of year seems especially boring after the myriad of festivities during the holiday season.  The only thing to think about during these cold days is…taxes.

But wait – doing tax work this time of year makes things less boring for me.  I’ve been getting my business spreadsheets perfected so I can submit the 2015 sales taxes due now, and also submit the numbers to my tax man (Husby).  Comparing income and expenses inspires me to get ready for the 2016 craft season.  I want to organize Craftland.  It’s time to order supplies.  It’s time to build inventory.  It’s a new page in the continuing adventures of Auntie B.

So what if it’s cold outside?  I don’t have to go outside to melt wax.  So what if I’m snowed in?  As long as I have bottle caps I’ll have plenty to do inside.

Taxes?  They’re an inevitable pain.  Winter?  It’s cold and dark and colorless.  Lots of people curse both taxes and wintertime, but both motivate me to get going on a new year of crafting.  I guess that’s what people refer to as the silver lining.

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Moving Into 2016

Help!  We’ve been robbed!

The bare-naked corner

OK, we weren’t really robbed, except of the pleasure of basking in the glow of a Christmas tree.

The Epiphany (aka The 12th Day of Christmas) was January 6, so it’s time to say goodbye to all things Hallelujah and Ho Ho Ho.  In my house that’s quite a task.

The first thing to go is the Christmas tree occupying our main living area, the rumpus room.  For six weeks Husby and I cozied up by the glimmer of twinkling lights and shimmering tinsel.  Tonight we’ll be illuminated by the very cold and ordinary light given off by regular lamps.

It’s a sad day, every year, when the tree comes down.  Luckily for me the bare tree has been propped up next too the woodpile in the back yard to be recycled for our future use.  As I sit in my usual spot in the rumpus room I can cast my eyes out the window and see the tree, once a glorious display of lights and ornaments, now a still-beautiful but plain balsam that triggers memories of Christmas.

Now it’s back to real life.  But as Ebeneezer Scrooge says, “I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.”

Keep that Christmas spirit!

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Wordless Wednesday

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