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Hello again!

I just returned from a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway to Door County, Wisconsin.  I don’t know how many years Husby and I have been going there, but it never disappoints.  The tiny motel in which we stay is tidy, clean and unpretentious, but offers a most spectacular view of Lake Michigan.   Not only that, the house which inspired my novel-in-progress is right across the street, so I get more writing inspiration every time we visit.

*Insert House Picture Here…When you find it amid the thousands of Door County pictures you’ve taken throughout the years…I know it’s somewhere…Now I wish I’d taken another one this week…*

Speaking of writing, I tried something novel and daring while we were on our retreat.  I didn’t take my laptop with me, and when I wanted to write I did it by hand.  Yep, I took a note book with me and put my cursive writing to action instead of tapping away on a keyboard.  I must say it was refreshing, and I was surprised at how the process of writing is different when doing it by hand.  I felt like things flowed from my mind through my arm and out the pen in a more thoughtful way.  Also, I didn’t feel so detached from what was going on around me.  I may begin a practice of writing by hand every day, even if it’s just a stream-of-consciousness thing.  I really enjoyed it.

I’m sure I’ll be writing more about the peninsula soon as its abundance is all I can think about right now.  Here’s to the strength and peace of big water…


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One Moon

I went out to my deck tonight and looked at the moon, and reminisced to when I looked at the same moon rising over Lake Michigan just yesterday.  The same moon.  It’s hard to believe.

What makes the moon so much different viewed from a spot on earth three hundred-forty miles away from my home?  Yesterday I saw the moon rising over a body of water that reflected tiny pinpoints of light.  Tonight it illuminates my back yard.  Yesterday the moon shone over a vast area as far as the eye can see.  Tonight it peeks between treetops and the tops of houses.  Yesterday the moon was the center of the universe.  Tonight it was merely a reminder of the universe.

The same moon from a different place on earth.  Why do I feel more in sync with the universe when I see the moon rising over the water?  Why do I simply wish for other things when I see the moon rise over the rooftops?  Sunrises don’t touch me as much.  The moon, that’s something completely different.

The moon over Lake Michigan makes my mind soar.  It makes me wish for things I know aren’t practical.  It makes me part of something I can’t explain.  Potential.  A Divine plan.

I’m tucked into my comfort zone once again and the moon is quite a sight.  But yesterday, over the great lake, it was a beacon of possibility.

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It must have been moonglow, way up in the blue

It must have been moonglow, that led me straight to you

~ Neil Moret & Richard Whiting

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