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Wordless Wednesday

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Scenes From A State Fair

Today is the last day of the 2015 Minnesota State Fair. It was a fine and good State Fair – it always is.  Our state fair is a great state fair, the best state fair in our state!


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I was back on The Rhine last night.

After a relaxing bath (and appropriate grooming) I picked a special lotion out of the basket on the ledge next to the tub.  Lait Corporel Verveine…Verbena Body Lotion…made in Provence.

I procured a couple of 1.7 oz. bottles of this stuff from our stateroom on the Kvasir, the ship on which Charlotte and I sailed the Rhine.  I nabbed a shampoo too.

When I spread this lotion all over my freshly-shaven legs and dry hands I was immediately transported to those days not so long ago when troubles were forgotten and wonderment was the chose de la journee. 

Our sense of smell can trigger memories like nothing else.  Of course the memories of my vacation in Europe are still very fresh, but the aroma of that lotion put me in a wonderful state of relaxation, the state I was in while drifting through Germany.

It’s okay that I took a couple of bottles of lotion and shampoo – they want you to take it, right?  “Complimentary*,” they say.

*A guy walks into a bar.  He sits down and while the bartender gets his drink a peanut in the bowl in front of him says, “Wow, what a great tie!”  Then another says, “You’re about the most handsome man ever!”  One more says, “You’re wit surpasses that of all men.”  When the bartender returns with the man’s drink the man says, “So what’s with the peanuts?  They’re saying lots of nice things to me.”  The bartender says, “They’re complimentary.”

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