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It’s not often I can remember what I was doing exactly one year ago to the day.  Today is different.  I remember exactly what I was doing.  In fact, for the past week I’ve been remembering exactly what I was doing exactly one year ago to the day.  How could I ever forget?

The Kvasir on the Rhine


Kinderdijk, Holland


Rudesheim, Germany


Cologne, Germany


Cathedral, Cologne, Germany


Heidelberg, Germany


Sunset on the Rhine


Strasbourg, France


Breisach, Germany

So many wonderful memories, visions, lessons, and inspirations given to me in one week.  Of course I’ll never forget the friends I made during that week of a lifetime…

Vlado and Miglena


The Boys


The Girls

One year ago today Charlotte treated me to a muffin and a Coke in bed for breakfast in our state room (what could be better!) because it was my birthday.  She also gave me a card and a pretty decoration, both of which I still cherish today, as a happy birthday wish.  After a week of dreams come true we flew back to Minnesota.  From now until forever I’ll remember that birthday, that vacation, those people, the continent.  Forever I’ll dream of a day when I can return to a place filled with castles and vineyards, cathedrals and sweet shops.

One year ago today, flying home, and flying high.

The airplane tray on the way home.

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Wordless Wednesday

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A Grand Voyage

About ten years ago Diggy suggested that he, Charlotte and I take a sibling trip to Europe. Nine years ago Diggy died unexpectedly and the sibling trip to Europe became just a memory of something we talked about.

Diggy bequeathed part of his estate to me, and eight years after his death I said to Charlotte, “Let’s go.” For nearly a year we’ve been anticipating a river cruise on the Rhine, inspired by Diggy and financed with his generous parting gift to me.

Rhine River

Yes, for nearly a year Charlotte and I have had the date set for our European adventure, but it’s only now that it’s starting to become real to me.  We leave in mere days and I can’t remember a time when I’ve been so excited and nervous to take a vacation.  Excited because I’ll see so many things I’ve only read about and seen pictures of, and nervous because I’m not a seasoned traveler.

Marksburg Castle

Luckily Charlotte is more experienced and is gifted when it comes to preparing for trips like this.  I’d still be stuck like a deer in headlights (which I pretty much was until a few days ago) if I didn’t have her to walk me through all the details of traveling abroad.  She even gave me a spreadsheet of things to pack.  She loves spreadsheets.

Cologne Cathedral

It’s going to be an adventure of great proportions.  We’ll be thinking of Diggy a lot, and I’m sure he’ll be with us in spirit while Charlotte and I take our grand voyage on the Rhine.

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