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Picture this: a young woman in her early twenties decked out in leather pants and thigh-high boots and only a camisole covering her upper body.  Her long hair is brushed away from one side of her face and held fast with a sparkly barrette.  The other side of her face is partly covered by the long mane of intentionally chaotic hair.  She’s heading into a popular danceteria in Minneapolis to watch one of her favorite bands play live.  The Suburbs.  The dance floor will be packed with hot, sweaty bodies, hers included, slam dancing to Baby Heartbeat and Music for the Boys.

That young woman was me.  Those were days that will remain in my mind as some of the most fun days of my life.  But things are different now.  I’m older, and slam dancing is not only unfashionable, but also dangerous for someone who may or may not have the brittle bones of a woman in her fifties.  However, being a woman in my fifties doesn’t keep me from loving the music of my youth.  I wear jeans and a sweater instead of leather pants and thigh-high boots.  I have a neat little bob hairdo instead of a longer, wilder mane.  But in my head and heart I’m still that slam-dancing girl.  I remember what it was like to walk into the dark, smoky venue that was First Avenue.  I remember the adrenaline and the thumping bass that became one with my own heartbeat.

My little DiscMan and über fancy speakers set up in Craftland

I got home early from work today and headed straight for Craftland.  While listening to the music I slam-danced to thirty plus years ago to I deplasticized and flattened 144 bottle caps for future drink charms and magnets.

The beginning of a beautiful craft.

Doing a different thing to the same music.  Recalling old times while living my present life.  All is good.

Remember yourself this weekend.

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A Cold Winter Day

Such a beautiful day.  The air was clear and the sky was brilliant blue.  Squirrels fed on the seeds fallen from the bird feeders.  The snow drifts were as white and pristine as could be on a January day.  The temperature didn’t get above ten degrees.  In my opinion it was the perfect day to stay indoors and marvel at the beauty of winter from the view of the window.

The beconing bottle caps.

I had twelve dozen (that’s a gross) bottle caps calling my name and saying “embellish us, embellish us!”  What does a craft queen do when her bare-naked bottle caps call to her?  Submits to their every whim, of course.I set up my work station at the table right in front of the door leading to the deck.  Lots of natural light and a lovely view of the scattering squirrels and fluttering birds in the back yard.My time was spent with little circles of paper, freshly flattened bottle caps, and a brand new bottle of glue.  My entertainment was, of course, old-time radio shows flowing from my iPod into my brain, making my imagination work while my hands were busy with production.

The little circles of paper.  That’s right, it’s Carol Brady!

The little circles of paper ran out at nine dozen (that’s one hundred-eight) so I called it quits for the day.  Next in the process is applying the resin, and after a day or two of drying time I’ll create wine charms and magnets from the pieces that, by themselves, are nothing.I’ve been researching my competition and found that some people who make similar items to mine take a less labor-intensive path.  They use pre-flattened, chrome bottle caps (mine are real and flattened by me), they use a paper punch to make those little circles of paper (I use scissors), and they buy fabricated acrylic bubbles, complete with adhesive, so they can just press them on the images and call it a day (I mix polymer and hardener to make a resin and apply on my images with a brush).

That’s a bunch!

I’m not saying the others are lazy and I’m not saying I’m a fool.  Every crafter has her own way of making things.  I’ve found a way that works best for me.  A way that requires attention and precision and a bit more time.  Time enough to listen to some old-time radio shows and frequently glance out the window to see the winter snow drift lazily in mid-air until it lands softly in its place.

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The busy season is upon me.  I know, because it’s dark before 9:00 p.m. and the blistering hot temperatures are starting to run out of steam.

I’ve been in the crafty business for a while now, and I’m still not used to the fact that I have to be ahead of the busy season.  That means thinking about Christmas in June.   That means getting seasonal products out for sale at least six weeks before the season is actually here.

This year I’m sort of getting the hang of it.  For instance, I’m going to be putting my Halloween bottle cap magnets in shops next week.  That includes my Etsy shop.  I’ll be listing them a little at a time throughout a couple of weeks.  They’re really cute!  Here’s a sample of what you’ll see:

Many of my holiday magnets are inspired by vintage post cards. Why not stop by the shop and check them out. If you’d like a bunch of them be sure to find the listing for six or twelve magnets of your choice and get a great deal.

“Like” me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to get all the up-to-the-minute listings.

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It’s a long holiday weekend at the day job, which means it’s a long productive weekend at the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters.  After pouring over one hundred votives last weekend (and that was a short one!) I’m switching gears this weekend.  Guess what I’ll be doing…

Yesterday was a really exciting day as not only did I score thirteen gross bottle caps (not gross as in icky, gross as in 1 gross=144 units; thirteen gross amounts to over 1800 bottle caps), the Midwest Art Fairs publication was delivered. 

I’ll be preparing, flattening, cutting, gluing, resining (is that a word?), beading, mounting, and every other activity involved in making bottle cap magnets and drink charms.  When I need a rest from all that I’ll cozy up on the couch and study Midwest Art Fairs, getting ideas for new craft/art shows and festivals to which I can apply. 

I’m looking forward to the upcoming show season and hope to add one or two new venues this year in addition to some old favorites.

If you’re a Minnesota/Wisconsin/North-South Dakota/Illinois artist looking for places to sell your work or have a crafty biz you like to take on the road, Midwest Art Fairs is a great starting point.  If you like to visit craft shows and festivals you too will like Midwest Art Fairs.  Find out when and where the shows are and mark them on your calendar.  I might even see you at one or two of them!

To receive your very own copy of Midwest Art Fairs, click HERE.  To get a load of what’s created with all of those bottle caps, visit the 2012 Events Page on this site and see where I’ll be selling them live and in person.

Off I go.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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