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In a creative-type business the First Quarter of the year means lots of icky stuff that involves nothing of what an artisan loves to do.  It’s tax time.  It’s reorganization time.  It’s time to crunch numbers.

I don’t have a head for figures, but I do have some sense of organization.  My tax man says I keep impeccable records.  While I don’t know which numbers add up to what, I do know that compartmentalizing sales and expenses in little boxes according to where the sales and expenses were made is an important part of business record keeping.  I’m good at that, thanks to spreadsheets.

My spreadsheets are nowhere near as complicated as this one, but they dizzy me just as much.

The First Quarter of the year is slow, sales wise, just getting out of the busy holiday buying season.  It’s a good thing because I need the months from January through March to get my act together.  It’s not only about submitting numbers to the tax man, but also assessing where things are selling, what things are selling, and where I can find new selling adventures in the coming year.

Just in the midst of First Quarter my subscription to Midwest Art Fairs arrived, a publication to guide the vendor to find a good fit for craft/art show venues as well as being a guide for the craft/art show enthusiast as to where the great shows are.

A lot of the great shows featured in this publication are worth my looking into to sell my wares.  Even if I don’t show my wares at particular venues, the publication is a great source for me to visit shows and festivals, which I love to do.

Tonight I’m going to peruse Midwest Art Fairs to see what may be in store for me in the 2018 season.  It’s one of the pleasures I take in the First Quarter.

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It’s a chilly 2 degrees F today, with a windchill of -17.  Do people in Hawaii even know what a windchill factor is?  Suffice it to say we’re having weather fit for perfect preservation.

The missing link, preserved in a block of ice. Apparently.

With such bone-chilling weather it’s hard to imagine that in a few short months I will be outside doing summer shows and festivals, selling my wares. As a matter of fact I’ve already received two applications. One of the shows I’ve decided to bypass, but the other leaves me on the fence and riddled with anxiety over the decision to apply or not. My gut says pass it up, but my head says take a chance.

I was up late last night, scrolling through a list of craft fairs and festivals to take place in Wisconsin this summer. Why do I favor Wisconsin shows more than my own home state of Minnesota? Well, for one thing when I do a show in a different state it’s like I’m having a working vacation. For another thing Wisconsin has a smaller sales tax than Minnesota, which is nice when it comes to filing a sales tax return.

Now is the time of year I have to make some decisions. Business decisions. It makes me feel like such a grown-up, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. I’m waiting patiently for a copy of Midwest Art Fairs to arrive at my house so I can really dig into the festival scene and schedule my summer travels from one craft show to another, to another…

Don’t forget, a schedule of my travels will appear in the 2013 Events page.  It’s empty now, but not for long.  I hope.

Stay warm!

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It’s a long holiday weekend at the day job, which means it’s a long productive weekend at the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters.  After pouring over one hundred votives last weekend (and that was a short one!) I’m switching gears this weekend.  Guess what I’ll be doing…

Yesterday was a really exciting day as not only did I score thirteen gross bottle caps (not gross as in icky, gross as in 1 gross=144 units; thirteen gross amounts to over 1800 bottle caps), the Midwest Art Fairs publication was delivered. 

I’ll be preparing, flattening, cutting, gluing, resining (is that a word?), beading, mounting, and every other activity involved in making bottle cap magnets and drink charms.  When I need a rest from all that I’ll cozy up on the couch and study Midwest Art Fairs, getting ideas for new craft/art shows and festivals to which I can apply. 

I’m looking forward to the upcoming show season and hope to add one or two new venues this year in addition to some old favorites.

If you’re a Minnesota/Wisconsin/North-South Dakota/Illinois artist looking for places to sell your work or have a crafty biz you like to take on the road, Midwest Art Fairs is a great starting point.  If you like to visit craft shows and festivals you too will like Midwest Art Fairs.  Find out when and where the shows are and mark them on your calendar.  I might even see you at one or two of them!

To receive your very own copy of Midwest Art Fairs, click HERE.  To get a load of what’s created with all of those bottle caps, visit the 2012 Events Page on this site and see where I’ll be selling them live and in person.

Off I go.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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