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Wordless Wednesday

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It looks like summer has finally arrived in Minnesota.  After months of gray, overcast days the lush green grass and foliage and vibrant flower blossoms are a welcome sight.

There’s an Etsy shop where you can get the freshness of summer blooms all year long.  MaryFosterCreative is filled with fine art flower and foliage photographs by Mary Foster.  Not only does she photograph nature’s beautiful works of art, she grows the blooms herself!

The shop features flower and foliage prints as well as note card collections.  Cards can be purchased individually or in sets.  Imagine how thrilled someone would be to receive a lovely hand-written note on one of these gorgeous cards.

Mary has another talent ~ crochet!  She makes adorable crocheted accessories inspired by her flower photography and offers these in her shop too.

Come visit MaryFosterCreative for a healthy dose of summer blooms and incredible talent.

This article will soon be published on the HandmadeMN blog, a blog I’m sure you will enjoy. Not only do they publish my Featured Shop articles, there are lots of giveaways and interesting articles presented by many Minnesota artisans like me.

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My Latest Project

In the still of the night is there anything more cozy than a flickering candle?  Even better, a flickering candle in a delicate little container?  A while ago I wrote about a project I was starting and am now ready to unveil it to the world.  If you know how to crochet you can make one too!

I used a recycled glass baby food jar and looked for an intricate doily pattern that would let the light of a candle shine through (but not too much) and cast lovely shadows.  Most doilies are larger than I needed for a petit project like this, so I just crocheted part of the doily.  In this case I completed thirteen rounds of a doily pattern of over fifty rounds.

To cover a baby food jar my doily had to be about 5 1/2 inches in diameter.

Center the jar on the doily,  pull up the sides and tie with a ribbon or string.  I wove some trussing string in and out of the holes of the doily before tying for a simple, wholesome look.  A baby food jar is the perfect size for a little t-lite candle.

The best thing about the end product is that it’s multi-functional. 1) Use as a t-lite holder for a pretty flicker in a dark corner. 2) Without a t-lite this little jar can be used as a gift container for treats or small trinkets. 3) Remove the doily and use for a small accent piece on a dresser or end table.

What a fun project! I’ve enjoyed getting my crocheting fingers back in shape. I’ve got about a dozen jars so I think I’ll doily them all up.  Now to decide if I should keep them myself or give them away.  Maybe sell them at my next craft show?  Oh, the hard decisions of a crafty girl!

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Wordless Wednesday

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A Piece Of String

I’m on a new kick lately.  Well, not new per se; let’s say I’m revisiting an old passion.  I’m taking a short break from the wax and wicks, momentarily stepping away from bottle caps and beads.  My latest material of choice?  String.  Size 30 string, to be precise.

Size 30 string is pretty thin.  Narrow?  Dainty?  I’m not really sure how to describe what size 30 string is.  To be technical it’s thread.  But I don’t like to get caught up in technicalities here.

I’ve been known to whip up a nice little lap throw in my day, and many a doily.  Intricate table coverings and pillow embellishments can be found around my house as well as around the houses of people I know.  Crochet is what I do with string.  I crochet with yarn too, but I prefer string.  Thread.  Size 30.  Woven with a teeny, tiny hook.

A work in progress.

I’m having a marvelous time, and have an idea or two in my head on how I can incorporate my crochet work into the crafty biz I’m trying to grow.  Doilies are nice, but I’m feeling a little more creative than that.  Can you imagine what this project might ultimately be?

If it turns out I’ll show you the results.  For now I’m happy just watching that small piece of string work its way to a thing of beauty.

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