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My Latest Project

In the still of the night is there anything more cozy than a flickering candle?  Even better, a flickering candle in a delicate little container?  A while ago I wrote about a project I was starting and am now ready to unveil it to the world.  If you know how to crochet you can make one too!

I used a recycled glass baby food jar and looked for an intricate doily pattern that would let the light of a candle shine through (but not too much) and cast lovely shadows.  Most doilies are larger than I needed for a petit project like this, so I just crocheted part of the doily.  In this case I completed thirteen rounds of a doily pattern of over fifty rounds.

To cover a baby food jar my doily had to be about 5 1/2 inches in diameter.

Center the jar on the doily,  pull up the sides and tie with a ribbon or string.  I wove some trussing string in and out of the holes of the doily before tying for a simple, wholesome look.  A baby food jar is the perfect size for a little t-lite candle.

The best thing about the end product is that it’s multi-functional. 1) Use as a t-lite holder for a pretty flicker in a dark corner. 2) Without a t-lite this little jar can be used as a gift container for treats or small trinkets. 3) Remove the doily and use for a small accent piece on a dresser or end table.

What a fun project! I’ve enjoyed getting my crocheting fingers back in shape. I’ve got about a dozen jars so I think I’ll doily them all up.  Now to decide if I should keep them myself or give them away.  Maybe sell them at my next craft show?  Oh, the hard decisions of a crafty girl!

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