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Hello!  I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve talked to you all!  I’m so behind in keeping up with the happenings at the Auntie B’s Wax World Headquarters, both professionally and personally.  But as we all know Blog Time isn’t necessarily the same as Real Time, so whatever I post will be appreciated no matter how far behind it is, right?

Enough with the time tricks and riddles.  Husby and I spent a marvelous evening out for his birthday.  Okay, so his birthday was way back in May, but you can’t fault me for giving him the gift of an experience (rather than a ‘thing’) which took place over a month following his actual birthday.  Here are two things you have to know before you can appreciate the gift I gave him.

1.  Husby was raised in a family that loved musicals.  South Pacific is his favorite, but he can sing and/or quote many musical productions, especially those produced in the ’50s and ’60.

2.  Husby loves baseball.  OK, maybe he isn’t a die-hard fan like some other people you may know, but he enjoys keeping up with the scores and listening to or watching a game or two on the radio or TV, and loves to see a game in person now and again.  (Note to self – take Husby to a Saint’s game, he would love it.)

What would be a better present for this man than a musical production about baseball?!  I bought tickets to Damn Yankees –  a musical about baseball!  We gussied up and trotted to downtown St. Paul for an evening of dining and theater.

We began our night at Kincaid’s with a cocktail (or two) and an appetizer to share – a platter of melt-in-your-mouth steak bites, coconut shrimp, and crab-artichoke dip with delectable bread.  We felt absolutely glam with the service and food provided to us.

Afterwards we took the short walk across Rice Park to the Ordway Theater for the Performing Arts and settled in for an evening of great fun.

The pre-theater appetizers were to die for, the play was outstanding, and on our walk back to the parking ramp we were serenaded by a festival of sorts in Rice Park with live music.  All in all it was a glamorous evening in the city.

Happy birthday to Husby!

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