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Here’s the thing about furious writing – it isn’t good writing.  At least in my case it’s not.

I’ve kept up with writing my NaNoWriMo novel for seven days now.  My word count is above par, but only slightly.  The trickiest part of this write-a-novel-in-thirty-days thing is being able to ignore my inner critic.  I’m so tempted to put my furious writing on hold to do the editing that is so very necessary.  But editing comes later, or so they say.  I don’t know what will happen when I read my finished product at the end of thirty days.  Maybe I won’t even think it’s worth editing!

So that’s the question.  If I don’t edit as I go along will the story stink so much I won’t want to bother with it anymore?  Or will the raw story inspire me to work on the editing in the months following NaNoWriMo?  One thing I know for sure is if I stop to edit as I go along I’ll never get the whole story written by the end of the month.

I’m heading into a four-day weekend and have big plans for more furious writing as well as getting some things ready for an upcoming event at The Farmer’s Daughter next weekend and the Holiday at the Depot craft show on Thanksgiving weekend.  I found out the Depot show is going to be two days instead of one, so I want to be sure I’m prepared.

I kind of wish NaNoWriMo was in March.  I wouldn’t be so busy with the upcoming holiday season both on the personal and business levels.  I suppose there was a reason the NaNo gurus chose November but I haven’t figured that out yet.  Despite their seemingly unfortunate decision to use November I’ll plug away at my novel the best I can.

To all my NaNoWriMo friends out there, I hope you’re doing well and keeping up.  I’m rooting for you!  God have mercy on us all.

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There was an article in Yahoo News or some other internet news site about a woman who claims to have paid only $2000 on $10,000 worth of merchandise on Black Friday.  I only have one thing to say about that: The day I spend $2000 (much less $10,000) on Christmas gifts is the day I win the lottery and become Oprah’s sole beneficiary.  But probably not even then.

I’m not alone in thinking the whole Black Friday thing has gotten out of control.  It’s unbelievable how Corporate America is able to manipulate the country into thinking that more is better.  Seriously, I believe people go out on Black Friday Thursday just to buy as much stuff as they possibly can and decide later who will receive what item from the myriad of on-sale crap.  Where has the thoughtfulness of gift-giving gone?  Are we, as a whole, really convinced that a violent, frontal lobe-frying video game is better for our kids than a book?  Is it really better to give Grandma a high-tech food processor rather than a CD featuring music from her era?

The magic and joy of the Christmas season is being sucked away by greed.  Not only is Christmas promoted way too early, it is obscenely promoted with shouting and concepts like “busting” doors. 

I can think of SO many things I’d rather do than stand in line, outside, on a cold Minnesota November night, with a bunch of strangers.

There’s nothing wrong with a sale or saving money, but let’s all remember the idea behind giving gifts.  Let’s not let retail stores tell us we are bad if we don’t give diamonds and flat-screen TVs (on sale of course) as gifts.  Most importantly, let’s not let the Thanksgiving holiday turn into an eat-and-run kind of day.  Relax.  Preparing a delicious meal is enough to think about for one day.  Even if you’re all alone on Thanksgiving, take that time to be silently thoughtful about that for which you are thankful.  Or watch a good movie.

I’ll be spending Black Friday with Husby at the Taylors Falls Depot selling my wares along with some other talented artisans.  It will prove to be a fun event with sweet treats and cider for anyone who stops by.  Be sure to stay for the parade downtown Taylors Falls, as well as the lighting of the Christmas decorations. 

I like the idea of spending the day in small town, doing small town stuff at a small town pace.  In the back of my mind I’ll still know the world has gone mad and people are clawing and trampling each other to the delight and amusement of big box stores.  To this thought I can only say, non illegitimi carborundum est.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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