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This month I’m doing a 30-day song challenge following the prompts given by Donna from MyOBT, one of my favorite blogs. It sounded like so much fun I couldn’t resist. Feel free to join in on your social media platform, add your picks in the comments below, or simply enjoy (hopefully) the music I’ve chosen.

A song that has many meanings? Memories, trials, successes, courage, and floating. Yow.  I love this song for so many reasons.


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It’s a misty evening, overcast and humid.  There was a bit of rain, and when I looked out the window I noticed the lily of the valley sprouts have shot up at least two inches since yesterday.  The hummingbirds have arrived with their shiny green and red feathers.  The snow is gone and the grass is green.  I believe spring has finally sprung.

I’m indulging in the leftovers of Mother’s Day.  I hosted a group of eight for the occasion including Charlotte (the mom of two wonderful nephews) and my mom (the mom of Charlotte, me, and Diggy) and everyone else in my immediate family.  Right now I have some champagne in my glass, a nice hostess gift from Charlotte, and a piece of red velvet cake.  Mike Oldfield and Jean Michel Jarre are on the stereo and I am just about as content as I can be.

My Etsy shop is now on vacation and the next couple of months loom before me.  They’ll be a busy couple of months, so I’m taking advantage of some down time until I need to be “on.”  Right now the craft business is secondary, family is first and foremost.  One thing I’m really looking forward to (and Husby is even more) is our upcoming getaway to Door County.  “What’s the big deal,” you may ask?  “You go to Door County at least once a year.”  This time our trip won’t include a craft show.  This is a good thing.  Husby and I are looking forward to a little R & R without one thought of Auntie B’s Wax.

After our trip to Door County we have a few events to attend, one of which is the spring festival at the Chateau St. Croix Winery.  It will be my first show of the season and we’re really looking forward to seeing the gang at the Chateau, as well as seeing returning customers and meeting new ones.

The summer is sprawled out in front of me, busy, as summertime in Minnesota usually is.  With all the activities and celebrations awaiting I look outside my window tonight and shrug my shoulders as sigh.  It’s a quiet night, one to relish in anticipation of an action-packed summer.  All is good.

And the night falls.

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I’ve been away from the computer for a while. What? You didn’t notice? Well I missed you and that’s enough.

Husby and I took a little jaunt to the ever-lovely Door County, Wisconsin. I had a show in Ellison Bay (Olde Ellison Bay Days Craft Fair) where we spent a couple of days meeting and greeting customers and fellow vendors. The weather was perfect.

We spent another few days lolling about the peninsula. Husby and I have an affinity for large bodies of water and we have become quite attached to Lake Michigan ~ the Door County peninsula to be precise.

I’ll be posting a little more about our trip, but for now I’m offering a little entertainment. Whenever I’m by the lake this song invariably sneaks into my mind and sticks there for a while. I love it, and although I wasn’t on an island per se, watching the water with this song playing through my head is quite an experience. I hope you enjoy it no matter where you are.

**Caution, Charlotte. It’s “that” song.**

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