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Possum-Playing Squirrel

As much as I love watching the suburban wildlife in my back yard sometimes it freaks me out.

The other day I was enjoying some time on the deck, sipping my Diet Dr. Pepper and catching up with my e-mails, when looked over at the fence.  There he lay, on his stomach across the top of the fence post.  His little legs were hanging lifeless, his head and tail were still.

I watched this squirrel for quite a while.  There was no movement.  None.  I watched and watched.  This squirrel wasn’t moving.  At all.

I closed out the e-mails on my smarty phone and switched over to the camera.  Maybe this little guy was just resting very comfortably?  What a cute photo, huh?  So I snapped a picture from the deck.

All flaked out on the fence post. I was pretty sure he was dead.

Then I thought, that squirrel has been laying there motionless for at least fifteen minutes. Could it be some cruel joke played by one of the neighbor kids? He found a dead squirrel and decided to drap it over our fence to freak me out? Or maybe someone was trying to be helpful, getting the dead squirrel out of the grass so no one would chop it up with the lawnmower?

I decided to walk slowly toward the squirrel to see if it would move knowing something was approaching.  Slowly, I walked toward it. Still, no movement. I crept closer, to within eight feet of that little possum-playing devil, before he decided to sit up and take notice.

He’s not dead. He’s just mad because I disrupted his relaxation with my incessant camera clicking.

After spending about twenty minutes trying to figure out if the squirrel was dead or not it was proven that he was indeed alive. Just all tuckered out.

I can totally relate.

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I’ve Become My Grandma

I figured my grandma was really old (or actually starting to lose her faculties) when I realized she was overly concerned about the birds in her yard.  We’d be out for an event with the entire family and she’d want to leave before it was over because “I have to go home and fill the humming-bird feeder.”

Well, I’m not as old as my grandma was when she said that, but I’m becoming strangely entertained and amused by the animals in my back yard.  I know, it’s kind of sad.  I mean, aren’t there more important things to do than look out the window and watch the wildlife?

This past Christmas I bought Husby the present to end all presents.  Maybe it was because I thought he was the one turning into my grandma.  The gift?  A Squngee squirrel feeder.

Two cobs of field corn attached to a long bungee-type cord, attached to a tree limb.  Our little friends figured it out in no time and have provided us with hours of entertainment, not to mention brazen displays of their private bits.

Hungry squirrel stalks the Squngee. We're not making it difficult for him to get food, we're encouraging its physical fitness through repetitive leaping.

Success! Squirrel grips the cobs of corn while picking off a kernel or two.

As the squirrel hangs and nibbles the Squngee spins. That's where the aforementioned free-shots of the private bits comes in. I got this shot right before it was full-frontal.

A very satisfied squirrel after dismount. I've always been partial to animals that eat with their hands. So refined!

Hours of entertainment in my own backyard.  It’s amazing how I now understand my grandma’s maternal instincts toward the birds at her house.  It’s only a matter of time before I’ll have to excuse myself from functions to make sure the cobs on the Squngee are fresh and full.  But I don’t think I’ll ever stop blushing at the sight of those private bits.  Squirrels, so uninhibited!

What are you doing for entertainment these days?

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