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We were finally graced with our first snowfall in Minnesota.  I know a lot of people feel like they were cheated out of a proper summer as winter was slow to leave last time around, but I’m once again feeling renewed and refreshed with the drifting flakes.

With this first snowfall I made the obligatory adjustment to our sleeping quarters to accommodate the forthcoming cold temperatures ~ flannel sheets.  And even better than that is the most cozy, warm, fluffy feather bed.  Trust me, when you have a feather bed you’ll have a hard time getting up on those dark, cold, snowy mornings, but the six to eight hours spent cuddled up in flannel sheets on a bedding of soft feathers is worth the agony of leaving it for your day.

As I was making up the winter bed, I couldn’t help but think of a song from my past.  If you’re from my era you’ll definitely remember the artist if not the song itself.  Help yourself to this uber nerdy blast from the past, and if you don’t already have one think about picking up a feather bed for yourself this winter.

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