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Tennis Tuesday Is Back

Better than Serena and Venus.

Have I told you? Tennis Tuesday is back in action. Charlotte and I are on the courts and batting that tennis ball around better than ever. Last year we found some courts that are seldom used by others and out of the public eye, for the most part. That isn’t to say our talents aren’t worth seeing. In fact, if tennis scouts were cruising around the Twin Cities of Minnesota and spotted us they’d for sure sign us on as the newest talents to hit the circuit.

Except we’re old. We wouldn’t technically be considered the “newest” talents in tennis – better yet the “undiscovered” talents. We’re so good we make Serena and Venus Williams look like beginners. For we are experienced and we have determination. And one of us even has a new joint, which make our playing more challenging than ever!

A couple of weeks ago some young men came to play in the court next to us. They had the power and placement of youth. But during one of our water breaks Charlotte said something to me that made all the difference in the world. She pointed out that we’re in a minority of women our age who don’t dye our hair. We’re out there volleying like no one’s business with our grey hair shining in the summer sun. She said to me, as we rehydrated and watched those young men playing, “our grey hair (aka our age) give us license to suck.”

It’s nice to have a license to suck, even though I don’t really believe we do. We’re out there , sucking or not. Tennis is a sport for all ages and Charlotte and I are getting our fill of endorphins wherever we can. Because we’re deserving of any neuropeptides we can get our hands on.

Yay us!

What are you doing to get your endorphins these days?

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These Are The Golden Years

Arthritis, bursitis, phlebitis, oh my! The only thing that makes getting older bearable is the creative way we treat our afflictions. Husby’s practicing medicine on himself again. Hopefully he’ll be less limpy soon.

Creative Ice Packing

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